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Timeline Alignment Group

We cannot change the external world, but we can change the world we are in.

We have reached a critical junction for determining which future we will collectively experience. 


Will it be one of peace, truth and tranquility? or one of fear, restriction and strife? 


We are at a place of no turning back at a time where our state of being matters most.  We are passing through the 'Eye of the Needle'.

The months from June 2020 through until September 2020 are crucial in determining the the reality we will collectively experience over the next 4-6 years.

Existing structures are falling fast.  The institutions that kept us firmly locked into existing trajectories have lost their grip and we are in a state of free fall. 


So now is the best time to consciously and powerfully define our future.  If we don't, we will allow it to be decided for us by those with less-than-honorable intention.

Our state of being is the most crucial and important thing for creating the highest potential of a new future.

Not protest.

Not petitioning.

Certainly not telling other people how to behave or what to think.

When we do this work as a group, we multiply the intention to gravitate towards a higher timeline and create a future aligned with truth, freedom and real prosperity.

This is a call for anyone who resonates with the knowing that our state of being determines the world we live in and we have everything we need within us to create any change we desire.  

It is a very simple and extremely powerful process.  Once a week, I will host a YouTube live session where as a group we will collectively gather.  I will open the Akashic Records for the group and each individual will connect to the space with their presence and attention.  The invocational space will focus on:

*Purifying old negative patterning

*Removing tethers to outdated places, people, systems

*Bringing people back to their pure essence

*Aligning future outcomes based on pure essence

This essential work is open to all and will not discriminate based on means.

The work is based 100% on donation.  For those that have the opportunity to give a donation, they align their resources with this new energy.   But it is completely optional.

Below you will find links to the upcoming sessions with a description for the focus of each session.



Description: In this session we will focus on dissolving patterns that obstruct truth so that it can be consistently recognized, embodied and transmitted.  This in turn automatically purifies patterns that keep us attached to negative forces from repeating themselves over an extended period of time.

Cost: None - donations accepted.

Date: July 18, 2020 - 5 pm GMT (+0)


Inner Sovereignty

Description: This session will focus on removing any remaining energetic tethers and cords to lower vibrational outcomes.  We will then shift into the seat of our own internal sovereignty so that individual and group 'will' can guide us in the direction of our optimal timelines.

Cost: None - donations accepted.

July 25, 2020 - 5 pm GMT (+0)


Higher Navigation

Description: When we drop back into our essential divine nature, we have reclaimed our most powerful instrument of change.  This session will focus on magnifying the purifying effect of our untethered essence to manifest the most optimal timeline for us individually and as a group.

Cost: None - donations accepted.

Aug 1, 2020 - 5 pm GMT (+0)


Full Resonance

Description: Once our essence has found it's optimal timeline, the process of bringing it into material existence begins.  This means keeping our attention and aim on the frequency of truth, freedom and prosperity to anchor in the reality of our highest alignment.  

Cost: None - donations accepted.

Aug 8, 2020 - 5 pm GMT (+0)


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