Full Resonance

Date: Aug 8th, 2020: 5 - 6 pm GMT (+0)

"Be - Don't Try to Become" - Osho

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You have done the hard work to get here.  This is where the fun begins!

Full resonance is where we resonate 100% with our aim (whether that be 'current aim' or overall life aim - it doesn't matter) and our thoughts, feelings and actions move in the direction of our will.

We know what to do.  This knowing is not mental.  It is a felt sense experience of life force energy moving through us and directing us through the world.

Life becomes very simple at this point and many of our complex worries seem light years away.

The purpose of this session is to activate your full resonance so that you are 100% aligned with the future that your true essence wants to manifest.

No half-way up the mountain business here.

In this session, we will work with inviting the energies and influences that will deliver us to the life we want to live, regardless of how that shows up on an individual level.  We might see big changes immediately or perhaps new opportunities may subtly start to present themselves.

Each person's process will be different, but it will be in alignment with where your heart truly wants to go!

David and Vanessa will open and hold a space where we will discuss a little bit about how this process works and invite higher dimensional influences in through the Akashic Records and invocational sound.

This space is open to those who are new to this type of work and also to those who have joined for the previous two sessions.  Like always, our work is free although donations are highly appreciated and your contributions help you further put your resources in alignment with these energies.

Use the potential available during these chaotic times to help shift your direction to one aligned with your heart's deeper desires.

Please provide a little bit of information below so we can energetic include you in the space.  You may join us live or watch the YouTube link at a later time.

Please check your timezones below:

Central European Time - 7 pm

Pacific US Time - 10 am

Central US Time - 11 am

Eastern US Time - 1 pm