Higher Navigation

Date: Aug 1st, 2020: 5 - 6 pm GMT (+0)

"Common Aim is Strong than Blood" - G.I. Gurdjieff


When we start to step back into our true power, we need to learn how to orient ourselves.

Or should I say, 're-learn' as it is simply a process of remembering who we are.  Re-member as in to put back together the various parts of us that have been left collecting dust.

These parts of us usually get shut down quite early on in life when we are children and still quite sensitive.  It is a protection mechanism that braces us to deal with the dense and harsh dynamics that are at play in our modern world.

Food contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals.

Water supplies that contain chloride and fluorine.

An education system that favours outcomes and not originality.

Belief systems that inhibit our essential nature.

The list goes on...

But when we reclaim our inner sovereignty and live from that place, these parts of us begin to activate again and allow us to step into our magic.

Now it is time to learn how to direct this magic to aim us towards our higher purpose and use it to align with what we came here to do.

In this session, we will work with inviting the energies and influences that can assist us in learning how to use our latent abilities.  We might see a shift in what we are drawn to, relationships may begin to change and new opportunities may start to present themselves.

Each person's process will be different, but it will be in alignment with where your heart truly wants to go!

David and Vanessa will open and hold a space where we will discuss a little bit about how this process works and invite higher dimensional influences in through the Akashic Records and invocational sound.

This space is open to those who are new to this type of work and also to those who have joined for the previous two sessions.  Like always, our work is free although donations are highly appreciated.

Use the potential available during these chaotic times to help shift your direction to one aligned with your heart's deeper desires.

Please provide a little bit of information below so we can energetic include you in the space.  You may join us live or watch the YouTube link at a later time.

Please check your timezones below:

Central European Time - 7 pm

Pacific US Time - 10 am

Central US Time - 11 am

Eastern US Time - 1 pm