Inner Sovereignty

Date: July 25, 2020: 5 - 6 pm GMT (+0)

"Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods" - Inscription at the Oracle of Delphi


Fake news is rampant.  The existing structures in society are collapsing and revealing their grossly inherent flaws.  Truth seems to be in short supply.

Truth from outside of us that is.

Our external reality is always a perfect mirror for our current state. 


If everything outside of us is steeped in delusion, chaos and uncertainty it is a clear sign for us to begin looking deeper within ourselves to find truth and deeper meaning to what we are being shown because those forces exist within us too.

We need to arrive at a place where we can see all that is going on as a form of deep planetary healing and purification.  And it is damn essential.  Sure it's ugly, it's scary and it might take us down with it but it is a huge relief that it is finally happening.

But there's no guaranteed safety or promise of a golden age on the other side.  Instead, we must consciously choose this outcome and do everything in our power to align with it.

That is precisely why we need to find our seat and stay in it.  By this I mean, find that place within us - the hidden master within, if you will - who can align our will, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions in one consistent direction - the direction of our higher purpose.

When we align with our higher purpose, many things are taken care of.  Firstly, things fall into place.  Clarity, fulfillment and tranquility become natural side-effects.  Others will begin to recognize something has shifted and become more and more attracted to us.  Our work begins to transform the fabric of reality itself resulting in greater unification and less entropy.  


In short, our highest purpose serves the conscious evolution of Earth, and in turn, the conscious evolution of the entire universe itself.


The admission price for aligning with that higher purpose? Inner sovereignty.


In this week's timeline alignment group, we will address any remaining tethers to old patterns before we shift into high gear and bring in the big guns.  These are the forces of higher Will that will move through you and radically begin to bring your soul back into the driver's seat.

This is no small feat and will likely be accompanied by external changes.  Be prepared to see that which doesn't serve begin to fall away - or explode away if we are still holding on to things that just don't serve us. 

But then again, if we haven't already noticed, the things we are holding onto aren't doing us much good anymore.  They are outdated.  The old towers need to come crumbling down and when they do we will see the gold that has been patiently waiting for us this whole time.


In this session, we will gather together to invoke a space to invite our souls back into our bodies - back into the driver's seat.  This is a big clear-all stroke that takes care of many issues at the same time.  We will begin the session with a talk, then  David will open and invoke higher dimensional energies from the Akashic Records through a guided induction and trade off with Vanessa who will be working with sound to amplify these forces in our reality.

Why is this space important?  Two reasons.

First off, the planetary energies between June and September are ideal for dissolving old patterns, karma and lower vibrational habits.  We can use this time consciously to end the influence of the negative forces that have held us back from expressing our divine nature.

Secondly, the amount of chaos, unrest and destruction of old systems means that the timelines are open and the potential for new outcomes that were not previously available even a few months ago are now more readily available for those that know how to navigate these.

This work is open to anyone at no cost.  This gift is freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary and greatly appreciated.  Please remember that any outcome from this work is ultimately determined by your own source connection.

In order to attend the session, please fill out the form below and please make a donation if you so desire.  If you haven't watched the Purification session and would like to, please mention  that in the form below and we can send you a watch link for that session  :)

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