Date: July 18, 2020: 5 - 6 pm GMT (+0)

"Always aim at purifying your thoughts and all will be well" - M. Gandhi


We are in the current global crisis because there is something in it that strikes a resonant chord within us as individuals, something that is a deep part of us.  It is an aspect of our shadow where we've given permission for these patterns to play out in our external world. 


Simply put, it is a place where light has not been shone. 

Sure we can fight it, resist it or deny it but doing these will change nothing.

The global situation is doing a brilliant job of exposing the areas that we collectively need to address in order to evolve.  And our individual part in this matter is solely to purify those areas within ourselves, this in turn feeds back into the larger collective of humanity.


To put it short, it's one perfect step in the right direction that we have total control over.


In this session, we will gather together to invoke a purifying space.  This  purification process removes patterns and tethers that are holding us back from our highest alignment and has the power to batch delete patterns and tendencies we are both aware of and unaware of.  David will open and invoke higher dimensional energies from the Akashic Records through a guided induction.

Why is this space important?  Two reasons.

First off, the planetary energies between June and September are ideal for dissolving old patterns, karma and lower vibrational habits.  We can use this time consciously to end the influence of the negative forces that have held us back from expressing our divine nature.

Secondly, the amount of chaos, unrest and destruction of old systems means that the timelines are open and the potential for new outcomes that were mot previously available even a few months ago are now more readily available for those that know how to navigate these.

This work is open to anyone at no cost.  This gift is freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary and greatly appreciated.  Please remember that any outcome from this work is ultimately determined by your own source connection.

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