David offers services in the following areas:

Conscious Relationships

The most fundamental layer of creation is simply the polarity of masculine and feminine.  When we strip away all the complexities caused by modern life, we arrive at the pure ecstatic bliss of divine union.  These sessions will aim to clarify these roles and expose all the conditioning that stands in the way of such ineffable bliss.


Coaching and Guidance

Even if you know the secret to life, you'll probably have a hard time finding it in each and every moment amongst all the complexities of modern life.  I've been through the most crushing grind to triumph and managed to bounce back and create a fulfilling spiritual life.  I'm here to listen to what you're going through and help guide you to the place you want to be.


Soul Retrieval

Parts of our essence can become bound in past events, past relationships and decisions and prevent us from accessing our full presence right now.  I have learned shamanic practices for exposing the areas where our energy is trapped, initiating soul retrieval and reclaiming your personal power.

Spiritual Path and Purpose in Life

This is my signature offering and it was spontaneously revealed one day from combining some of my favourite ancient modalities - Astrology, Tarot and Numerology blended with reading the Akashic field.  The first three were developed in harmony thousands of years ago and the fourth part is the icing on the cake that allows life to be breathed into the first three!

See the blog section for more detailed information regarding each of these modalities and David's unique approach in working with them.

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