David offers Personalized Services in the Following Areas:

Fixed Rate



Akashic Readings/Life Divination

This is my signature offering and it was spontaneously revealed one day from combining some of my favourite ancient modalities - Astrology, Tarot and Numerology blended with reading the Akashic field.   I got goosebumps when the idea arose and I immediately let a few clients know about this idea.  I knew it was a hit when everyone replied with as much enthusiasm as I had!

In using some fixed systems with psychic-intuitive insights from the higher dimensions I have been very successful in receiving clear and concise information to unmask and divine deeper passions and help clients eliminate the obstacles that prevent them from realizing these.


Soul Retrieval

When traumatic experiences occur, parts of our essence can become bound in past events, past relationships and decisions that prevent us from accessing our full presence and vitality right now.  Depression, low-energy and apathy tend to ensue.  I use potent and time-tested methods for recovering trapped soul fragments and re-integrating them.

Soul retrieval is a profound healing modality with a priceless value.  It has helped many clients recover from life-long challenging ailments and obstacles.  Therefore, I do not charge for this work.  I offer it freely and simply ask for a donation in return.  


Mentoring and Coaching

Even if you know the deepest secrets of life, you'll probably have a hard time practicing it in each and every moment amongst all the complexities of the modern world.  It takes skillfulness and creativity to navigate the world and stay in alignment and I'm here to help you find the best way that honors your individuality.


I don't teach any systems, I simply mirror the areas that need the greatest attention and empower those with the right frequency.  Spontaneous advice arises and solutions that are 100% tailored for you just seem to emerge out of thin air.  I have many regular clients who experience drastic shifts from my coaching sessions in very little time. 



Remote Chart Reading

This was initially an experiment to see if I could take a name and birthday and divine something of value for a client.  I knew nothing  about them other than their email address and name.  As I began working, it turned into a rapid outpouring of messages coming through from the Akashic Space as I scribbled down 5 pages of writing for the client.

They were very impressed as a deep resonance had been struck and so  I began offering this as a donation-based service for people who would like a reading but may not find the typical 1.5 hour session suitable for them.

With this session, I collect some basic information and create a written profile for you, delivered in 5-7 days via email.


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