Rewrite your Blueprint:

Removing Negative Patterns

Using the Akashic Records

June 20 @ 1 pm London Time

"Being conscious is simply understanding the connection between cause and effect"

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Workshop hosted by 

David Khan & Marie Richtsfeld


"I could finally free myself from old limiting believes that I did not even know about. I am incredibly grateful and would recommend this to anyone looking for more clarity and ready to change their lives for the better. Thank you, Marie, Dave, and Martin! "

- Jannis, 25, Hamburg, Germany

"Working with Dave is a real enrichment in my life. With him I can discover the depths that I felt before but could never reach and understand myself. He helps me understand myself and my mission and vision better and creates a safe space.  What I like about his work is that he responds to me and my needs and I just really like that individuality.

- Arabella, 29, Berlin, Germany

"Marie did an Akashic Reading for me twice.  It was amazing.  It was spot on and answered questions in a way that I didn't feel scared or thrown off.  The answers inspired me, made me understand and see the bigger picture.  Sometimes we can get stuck in our little material world but there is so much that happens beyond.  I definitely recommend a session with Marie.  She is gentle, kind and very careful in presenting messages in a loving and supportive way!

- Kristiana, 35, London, England

"Marie, and Dave were exceptional facilitators and guided us along in a safe space with open hearts. They gave very practical tools to prepare the group for entering the records and reconfirmed many things I had been doing intuitively and feelings of knowing in past experiences."

- Phoebe, 38, West Virginia, USA

"Dave has a talent for meeting his clients where they are at, working with their inner landscape and supporting them in whatever it is they are working on at a soul level. He has a myriad of tools he uses to get his clients out of their minds and in full resonance with their bodies and their purpose. Working with Dave has allowed me to release deep seated blocks, gain new skills to aid me on my journey, learn new self healing modalities and so much support.

- Kelsey, 29, New Hampshire, USA


This workshop will take place via ZOOM on

June 20th at the following international times:

Pacific US /Can Time - 5:00 am

Mountain US/Can Time - 6:00 am

Central US/Can Time - 7:00 am

Eastern US/Can Time - 8:00 am

London Time - 1:00 pm

Central European Time - 2:00 pm

South Africa Standard Time - 2:00 pm

Jakarta Time - 7:00 pm

Bali/Singapore Time - 8:oo pm

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Learn how to rewrite your story and align better with your heart's desires

The world is going through a MASSIVE shift right now.  Many of us feel we need to do something differently.

The answer is actually simple: be more of yourself, follow your heart's desires and allow life to abundantly support what you truly need.

Some people get this and live an incredible life... But so many others feel tension and are not fully realizing the possibilities of the new Earth.

It does not need to be this way...

Nature does not know scarcity but our conditioning does.  The conditioning we carry causes fear and reinforces unwanted patterns. 

We try to force ourselves to change, but it never seems to work.  That's because the solution is much simpler.

The imprint of our conditioning dissolve when we change our patterns through our 'blueprint'.  Things can shift drastically as we feel lighter, more clear and what we truly want enters our lives.

This way of working is fast, efficient, and many of our clients have found it preferable to the older attempts to 'self-improve'.   These are often energy-intensive, uninspiring, and can be ineffective.  

Rewriting our blueprint restores the sense of who we really are and always have been.

We have created this 2-hour workshop to help you:

  • Learn how to remove the obstacles that keep showing up in your life

  • Help you gain awareness of the patterns/ conditioning that is impacting you the most

  • Give real-world examples of how others have benefitted from working with the Akashic Records

  • Give you an opportunity to experience a mini-reading/session with an experienced practitioner

All of this is intended to help you plug-in and align more easefully, joyfully, and abundantly with the incoming Earth changes.  

This workshop is aimed towards:

  • People who are currently feeling fear/resistance in making a major life change 

  • People who feel drained or burdened with negative emotions 

  • People who are already mostly aligned but have recognized a few areas of stubborn resistance

The results of this work have already benefitted many of our clients and students.  We do not need to spend excessive amounts of time going over old baggage.

Please make a donation and fill out the form below to reserve your spot!

Due to providing personalized mini-readings, this workshop is limited to 30 guests so please book in advance :)


This event has ended and there is no replay available for re-watch. 


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