Fixed-Price Services:

1.5 hour Initial Reading - $155 USD

Signature detailed reading that combines natal astrology, numerology, Akashic Records and Tarot to give a complete picture of past life influences and optimal trajectory for this life.  Session includes time spent beforehand determining astrology, numerology and an energetic bio-scan.  

1 hour Follow-up Reading - $111 USD

Standard rate for all follow-up services including divination, Akashic Records, energetic corrections, karmic deletion & re-patterning.

Mentorship Program - $555 USD

This is an 8-week program that includes 6 hours of one-on-one time and email support along with customized tools and practices to help you better connect with your purpose.  This program involves working directly with David and will be tailored to your individual needs.  For more information on this program, CLICK HERE.

Donation-Based Services

These services are offered for all, regardless of means.  I provide these services in a manner where there are given freely.  With that said, they are not free to just be taken.  Instead, you are free to decide your own contribution based on your own source-connected will.  I have provided suggested donations as a guideline for what I would prefer to receive, however, these are only guidelines.

Soul Retrieval (Suggested Donation $80 USD)

For soul retrieval, please provide a donation and I will be in touch with you shortly to determine details regarding the nature of the issues.  This work is conducted remotely and I will notify you once it is complete.

Remote Chart Reading (Suggested Donation $80 USD)

Please provide a donation and I will be in touch with you shortly to determine necessary details for the chart preparation.  I will prepare a formal write-up for you within 3-7 days of receiving your personal information.

General Donation 

If you like what I've presented on this website, please feel free to show your appreciation with a donation!  

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