What does Life Look Like on the Other Side?

That's what many of us are wondering right now. What does life look like after the global upheaval?

I can't say I was surprised that it happened. I've known for a long time that humanity needed a rest and a reset from its constant and incessant 'doing'. Humanity as a whole was staunchly stuck on auto-pilot, behaving like an unruly party-goer.

Let's explore a little analogy...

First the partier shows up when everyone else does and things appear as normal. Then they start outpacing everyone with drinking but the situation still remains somewhat socially acceptable. They keep going harder and harder until everyone else is asleep and they are in the living room with the music blasting; finishing everyone else's left over alcohol and making loud gutteral noises at random intervals. The sad situation keeps going on until people start waking up in the morning and humanity is still there sipping the last dregs of whisky and uttering complete non-sense. They are the elephant in the room - everyone knows humanity needs to stop and rest and yet humanity is determined to soldier on, adamantly claiming there's no need to stop partying. Finally, they go to sit on the couch and - surprise, surprise - they pass out. Nature asserts the body's need to rest after a splendid bender .

And so we've reached that point collectively - the break that we have right now with the lockdowns and social distancing around the world is our time to finally rest. Is our time to experience a state of 'not-doing', to listen and become receptive to the subtle queues that are actually present all the time, we just didn't happen to notice them. Ultimately, it's a time to slow down, relax and let the loud mental chatter quiet down so that the deep, calm, slow, quiet voice of our intuition can be heard.

This is the voice we should be listening to if we want to align our true purpose. It speaks to our personal mission of why we are here on Earth. The mission that many of us have been avoiding under the excuse of being too busy. But this busy-ness is simply avoidance. And I guarantee you that your purpose in life isn't to half-heartedly work for a corporate employer that is focused on unlimited expansion of their dynastic power and wealth so that you can have a few comfortable perks and let your hair down once a week.

When I've tuned in and done some inquiry into how this all plays out, I can see two diverging paths for humanity. And it's time to made a contemplated, sober decision about which one we would like to follow.

One path looks like a greater restriction of freedoms, increased monitoring, more stringent measures to create scarcity in people's lives and a pretty dismal economic outlook. People that are afraid to make a change and instead cling to their previous life will reluctantly accept the raw deal that society is offering them.

The deal that modern society was offering before the pandemic was already looking pretty grim, but this entire upheaval serves as an inflection point that will either force us to look at our situation more closely or else suffer. The suffering will come through continued avoidance of the areas where we were resisting life. And you can be assured that the powers that be are trying to hold the plight of the sinking ship together in the face of the larger forces of evolution nudging us in a much different direction.

The other direction is that second path I alluded to above.

This path is for individuals that desire to be more serious about consciously creating a new form of society based around a balance of the feminine and masculine polarities (between rightful action and receptive listening), fair-exchange, sustainable use of resources and the integration of ancient wisdom with scientific advances. It is a completely new paradigm for humanity and we will start to see the seedlings of collectives forming around the globe that honour this unfolding force of evolution.

Over the next few decades, the polarization between the two paths described above will become more and more drastic - always begotten with a clever pretext whether that be another pandemic, stock market collapse, social unrest, war, ecological disaster it really doesn't matter.

The majority of people tend to react to these situations with a predictable sense of panic and fear and end up selling themselves short in a desperate effort to feel secure. They trade their rights and freedom in an effort to absolve themselves of responsibility to act differently.

It's okay if you aren't ready to make drastic changes yet.

There will still be time for many to let go of the patterns, attachments and habits they have formed from living in modern society even after this situation blows over.

But I do caution that the longer one waits, the harder it will become to make the necessary change.

Realizing that many of the material comforts we have accrued actually have made us buffered, inattentive and disconnected from life. Though some of us have a tremendous amount of momentum invested in our comfortable lives, we need to examine how well they are truly serving us. Do we see a need to adapt to the changes that are coming to our way of life?

If we realize the need to adapt, we can finally stop clinging to the shiny things that modern society has offered us and explore the possibility of a new life. A life that might appear to ascetic at first, but, ultimately deeply nourishing as it is in alignment with the way nature itself moves.

Undoing is the first step in rebuilding and this is the place for us to initially arrive.

Despite everything that is going on you are probably fine right now sitting here and reading this article.

Realize this as it is important.

The future does not yet exist. There are only potential outcomes that will unfold for each of us based on our internal state - our thoughts, feelings and actions. Due to the degree of social upheaval we are currently facing, it means a proportional amount of opportunity lies before us.

Tibetan Rinpoche, Chogyam Trungpa wisely stated: "It is our personal responsibility for not letting the world fall apart"

This doesn't mean we should go out into the world and try to change things externally. It simply means that we must cultivate fearlessness, clarity and calmness in the face of uncertainty, fear and panic. In times like these it is more important than ever to not sit by the wayside and let the unexamined facets of our shadow eat us alive.

Instead, we must feel the fear and meet it. Fearlessness is not about having no fear, it's about moving through it. We move through it by feeling the fear fully and letting it be there without an ounce of judgment. Allowing ourselves to relax all constriction as we sit with the feeling of fear will cause it fade like a paper tiger and reveal the space beyond.

Clarity comes from slowing down and knowing what our true priorities are and having the discipline to prioritize our higher desires over our lower ones. We gain clarity through contemplation which happens when our logical left brain and our holistic, receptive right brain are in a state of balance.

Calmness comes from slowing down and feeling into the rhythms of nature. Sleeping when we are called to sleep, avoiding unnecessary stimulation through artificial means like excess technology use, electric lighting at night and stimulating food. Taking the time to enjoy our meals in silence, using dim lights like candles at night and moving at the speed that the body wants to go.

Ultimately, this whole process will feel like a form of solitary confinement for many. But instead of resisting it trying to keep busy, try to listen and tune into what's needed.

Shift the internal feeling from desolate isolation to that of a meditative retreat.

We can do that only by adapting. By not just animating the same old patterns and energy because it's what we know, but by slowing down and cultivating our health. I know many people have a list of things they've always wanted to do. Things that align with their deeper purpose.

Maybe those things included an art project never started, learning the guitar sitting in your closet, building a morning exercise and meditation routine, dancing alone at night, reading a stack of books that were purchased and never opened.

This is the time to feel into those things that you truly wanted to do and explore them slowly with intention.

Know that you are safe right now and are given all that you need to thrive. The future is an unknown and it's your choice to adapt and open up to completely new possibilities for living.

If you cultivate a strong feeling of trust, life will not let you starve and die in the gutter. It will hold you and allow you to find a new, more refined expression of the energy/the magic/the mojo that is truly you.

Enjoy these time as best you can and take care.

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