The time has come for this...

We are on the cusp of something tremendously huge. The shift has already occurred on an energetic level and many of the more sensitive ones have already picked up on it.

But that's only half the equation.

In truth, what must happen next needs to take place on the physical level. I'm talking here specifically about ACTION.

If you haven't already realized, 2020 is not about a pandemic. It is about an unprecedented grab for total control by a very small, very clever and terribly manipulative few. If this power grab were to be left unchallenged, it would result in unimaginable suffering for humanity that will take an excruciating length of time to reverse.

Over the last 140 years, (really since Helena Blavatsky coined the term the 'new era') we have collectively observed the suppressed force of the divine feminine regain her strides as she rose powerful across the world.

The feminine qualities of receptivity have become prevalent themes in our social movements, spirituality and in the changes we've observed in society.

And she's pissed...

Because this work is not up to the feminine alone. She rose because there was a major imbalance. This imbalance involved too much emphasis on the dark, unconscious masculine force. The force that exhibits narcissistic traits and reduces all decisions to cold logic and isolationist thinking. The force that cares about itself and just takes what it wants like some animalistic crime syndicate.

This is not the true masculine force. The masculine force needs to purify so that it can fully meet the feminine force and we are nigh approaching the eleventh hour.

Men need to wake up and do their work.

In order for the coming times to be prosperous and result in a transition to a positive future filled with truth, freedom and prosperity we need to embrace the conscious masculine force of rightful action.

This starts with men cracking open, allowing themselves to feel and allow themselves to actually witness women for the multidimensional beings that they truly are.

Once the masculine force becomes receptive, it must then become active. For it is the force that says no to tyranny and injustice and will not bend a knee to dominating and twisted power structures. This is a force that listens to the deep receptive intelligence of the feminine and acts in a way that honours her energy.

It essentially brings her vibration into manifestation in a tangible, material way.

I just got off a pre-call with a very exciting new guest for the podcast and we had an incredible chat about what needs to happen in order for the shift to take place.

The first stage is coming to an end. And that stage was marked by a 'drying off' and a sobering up from the drunkenness of indulging in an overstimulated lifestyle based on complete delusion.

I hope you all used your time in isolation well. I hope you used it to contemplate what is actually important in your life. And I hope that it shook you to your core so that you now know what is right for you to stand for and that you cannot be dissuaded from that.

At the same time, you are receptive and adaptable enough to know when it's time to change course because of external cues in your reality.

We are moving very fast right now and will be moving much faster very shortly.

As I right this, I have learned of the protests planned for the next few days that will involve millions of peaceful protesters across the globe. In Berlin alone, I initially heard a report of 3 million, then 4 million and now it has been revised to 5 million people. These people are coming in from all over Europe and many of them don't plan to leave until the government has stepped down.

Of course, the news will dismiss this and call it dangerous and attended by far-right conspiracy theorists. It cannot be more clear how badly their credibility is failing in their dismal attempt to blatent cover up basic facts like how many people attended an event and what their intention was.

As much as I don't get involved with protesting myself, I whole-heartedly support my brothers and sisters all across the world that are standing up to this.

We each take action in our own way and my skills are much better suited to writing and creating music and multimedia experiences to influence people.

I also have a lot of knowledge regarding the rebuilding effort of new enlightened communities once the demolition crew has done their work. We are each responsible for a particular post and that is informed through our individual source connection.

Source connection transcends politics, spirituality and belief systems altogether. It is the frequency of unconditional love.

Unconditional love doesn't play games. It isn't sentimental. It is more like lightning and when it is activated - it will move us to take dramatic action.

I have a hard time appreciating that there is a force out there that seeks to resist it, but thus is the cosmic interplay!

So this is a call to all out there to get clear on what it is you truly stand for. To tune into the specific way that unconditional love wants to manifest itself through your biology.

Not just your intention but your actual biology. Your visceral, felt sense experience of life.

Once you have clarified that, then it is time to act in accordance with it.

If you need some help tuning into this frequency, I have created a musical soundscape that is embedded with specific frequencies that will connect you back with your personal field of source connection - the heart. The frequencies will also entrain the brain into a range where it can optimally act in accordance with the heart - our natural, psychic intuitive baseline.

My work is to help people prepare to align with the positive future timeline and so if these words resonate, do not hesitate in learning more and downloading this soundscape for free right here:

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