The Post-Spiritual Era

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Spirituality is fun. Kinda like watching Netflix. It has become a form of entertainment and many people involved in spirituality seem to believe that good intentions are enough to actually bring about a 'New Earth'.

New Earth is coming. But it is very much an active process that we all must Will into existence and this process is far beyond the limitations of a DMT trip or 'opening your third eye'.

There is an elephant in the room that we are all not addressing - the real virus (hint: not COVID). I spoke about this in my last blog post and I am actually not going to shut up about it in the foreseeable future. Because until this 'thing' is fully ejected from our planet, humans will be kept in a very limited state of potential.

Nature wants us to evolve and the energies that are on our planet and coming in from who-knows-where are causing this change to occur rapidly. But it is up to us to take these raw energies and DO SOMETHING WITH THEM!

It is naive and dangerous to think that these energies alone will somehow topple the outdated, manipulative and left-brain centered structures that exist in our world.

Religion and spirituality have done a great job of keep people divorced from their bodies - their inherent biological masterpiece - as a way of avoiding what needs to be done. Instead, people stay locked in their minds, off in some fantasy world where things seem a lot more groovy and blissful.

Screw that. That isn't even real.

There's an old Sci-fi movie called 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' and that is pretty much where we are at. The more that the real virus can keep us locked into our minds through overstimulation, an addiction to information and debating lofty philosophical concepts, the more that something else can get into our biology and drive the ship.

The term we need to embrace is 'sovereignty' - where our thoughts, emotions and ACTIONS all move in the aligned direction of our higher will. When we are in this state of being, our bodies respond to what is needed at a given time in real-time.

The mind is slow. A poor master. It is so slow that it can only run off of pattern-matching with things that it has already experienced and cannot respond in real-time. Thus any action that we deliberate upon will fall far short of what is needed.

Radical embodiment and the anchoring of higher frequencies into the physical vessel is the answer. The body completes the circuit and allows high spiritual frequencies to express themselves in much-needed, practical and meaningful ways.

We are fast approaching a critical inflection point where most of us will be shaken to our core. And the action we take will determine the outcome.

If we allow the reptilian brain to react out of fear, we will get caught up in strife, violence and chaos. If we allow our sovereign, source-connection to act we will find our optimal alignment for the future.

There will not be an opportunity for wallflowers when this happens as we will each find ourselves in a situation that requires action. So I hope your meditations, yoga classes, breathwork seminars and Tony Robbins masterclasses have allowed you to experience more than a feel-good state of bliss and have actually reminded you to re-connect and remember your internal sovereignty.

Because when this moment drops, it'll be over in the blink of an eye and no one else outside of you will be able to guess how you'll act.

I just finished a fantastic 2-hour podcast interview with Oracle Girl who delivers the most powerful transmission. It is shocking, provocative and will be deeply triggering to anyone that is not willing to 'get with the program'.

The release of the first part of this interview is entitled "Sovereign action, the shadow biological agenda … and the Oracle" just to give you a taste of what we discussed.

Here's a link to the episode and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out:

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