The One Thing We Are All In Agreement About...

As 2021 begins to reveal its variety of Plutonian flavour, I can say this... JUST BRING US THE TRUTH ALREADY!!! The truth... Seen as something that cannot be objectively known in a philosophical context, it rapidly becomes a tremendous equalizer of justice in the practical/material world. If we simply knew the actual, accurate facts about what has happened up until now we would know how to align ourselves with the correct course of action. Tell us the truth and let's all just get on with it - no matter how ugly it is!

People of a certain age grew up trusting that what they saw on television or read in the news was an accurate representation of the world that they experienced. They followed certain societal advice and earned a moderately comfortable, somewhat pleasant life.

Those days have long passed and those that follow a similar strategy now are the ones who appear the most jangled and perturbed.

It has become glaringly obvious that any form of investigative journalism or critical analysis in the corporate media is completely dead. Some outlets have held out a little longer, but in the end, they are all touting the same message and they do it in the same way. A mocking, condescending tone aimed towards anyone with a dissenting view and a weave of carefully-chosen words to deliver cherry-picked facts in a tightly packaged narrative.

Censorship is the new black and recent purges of dissident voices and critical thinkers have spawned even normies to begin questioning the official narrative.

Perhaps 10 or 15 years there were still outlets that had not yet succumb to the info-blob of conformity, but slowly they've all been absorbed. Many people still think publications like the Guardian still are strongholds of independent thought. Ha! Last time I checked, they're saying the exact same thing as the BBC, CNN, MSNBC and the rest just with a slightly different flavour.

And that's the real thing to keep in mind. The programming is all the same. The end result is full alignment of information between the various media organizations to the point where people are making collages of various news syndicates reading verbatim from the exact same script. But there is a little variety in flavour and a slight change in the glamour based on the personal preference and genre of the consumer.

It doesn't matter how they say it, it's all the same and its extremely toxic to our mindspace and the parts of us that require contemplative processes and tranquility to operate optimally.

We don't need to fight major wars with guns or bombs anymore. The current conflict and theater of war is constantly playing out in our mindspace. It is shaping our perceptions and rewiring our pain and pleasure centers in a manner that is completely alien to our organically-innocent nature. It feels like a synthetic take over where it kind of looks like nature, but it is most certainly not.

It all has the feel of shiny packaging for an empty box.

The truth is nowhere to be found and if there is someone out there speaking it, there are a myriad of spinsters that are replicating a slightly-altered version that is different enough to misdirect and confuse any potential listener.

Such are the conditions of this particular collective initiation. How do we operate and take meaningful action when we do not have any access to information that is reliable and accurate from which to base our decisions?

It is like we have become complacent with watching a weather channel to just tell us what the weather is going to be like. We don't need to worry about looking at the sky for clouds or noticing any fluctuations in barometric pressure, the weatherman will tell us exactly what is to happen!

Until we realize that they have consistently been predicting warm, sunny weather and we have been getting blizzard after blizzard.

Turns out the weatherman wasn't so accurate after all!

And then we have to develop our capabilities for sensing changes in the weather. The subtle shifts in air pressure. The familiar ache in the left knee. The nuanced smell of the seasons changing. A change in wind direction.

We become more acutely aware of subtle changes and more tuned into our environment as we realize that our internal sensing mechanisms give us the exact information that we need to know regarding the weather.

Well, it is the same for the collective weather of these transitional times! There will not be any factual truth available until long after this thing is done playing out. But what I can say is that you will be able to sense what is subjectively true for you in your circumstance in order to optimally orient yourself to a more positive future.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented transmutation of human life on this planet. This is the birthing process of a new era where human consciousness will reach new heights and redefine technology, economics, politics, education and social structures in alignment with a more evolved, multi-dimensional awareness.

But, in order for us to receive the good stuff we must excruciatingly expose and transmute every shadow of the declining, obsolete paradigm. And this process is unsettling as on one hand, we all feel the pulsations of a better world and bear witness to the horror of said shadow simultaneously.

It's all beginning to feel like someone put LSD into the water supply and accidently made it far too concentrated. We are well-past the point of no return as the waves of psychedelic terror and elation oscillate rapidly through our being.

These days, even doing the easy things like watching the ocean while sipping a coffee may feel like a thousand deaths and rebirths. There is really no escaping it and you know it's all getting a little too real when they are dropping massive disclosure files on extra-terrestrials and no one is even batting an eye!

From what I have observed in contemplation, there are at least 4 or 5 major layers to the reality we are currently facing. The 'truth' for one layer can be diametrically-opposed to the truth of the next layer.

It's kind of like that movie Inception!

In fact, movie is a good way to describe the 1st layer...

Notice how the US president was once a successful reality TV personality?

Notice how some people are beginning to claim that there is CGI being used in newscasts?

Notice how Hollywood is shutdown so people are looking elsewhere for entertainment?

Notice how the news is delivered in an emotionally riveting way and many critics are calling it 'infotainment'?

Notice how many plot twists are occurring at key points along the way to keep us hooked into the prevailing narrative?

Notice how the 'alternative' sources are getting 'intel' from key players in military/politics that seem to keep coming yet never pan out in the real world?

Folks, what we are seeing from both the mainstream and alternative is some sort of a AI-generated movie for which we are both the participants and cinema goers!

I believe two things about this. Firstly, that this is just the thin surface layer of what is going on right now, and secondly, a growing number of people are not buying into this being the actual reality.

I personally don't really speak with anyone who believes that the farce-of-a-drama-with-a-terrible-plotline-playing-out-in-front-of-us is even 1% true. However, apparently the majority still does.

The good news here is that we are fast approaching a critical mass of people who are looking deeper into the other 'screens' of reality that lie below the surface. This is evidenced by the fact that the dramatic farce is getting louder and more desperate like the attention-seeking bully on the school yard that is being ignored for the first time.

The future is looking positive for humanity. Especially the portion of humanity that wants to rekindle a heart-felt connection with community, with nature, with healthy technologies and with real health where our sensitivities and multi-dimensional experience of reality are actually prioritized and not gaslighted as though they don't exist.

The new world we are giving birth to will involve an entirely new set of protocols and agreements for how we do things and it is important that we use this time to let the parts of the decaying system go. We don't even need to try, we simply need to let the parts that are itching to fall away go. Moving forward, it will glaringly obvious that anything which does not align with the emergent future paradigm cannot and will not remain. So be sure to read the signs early before they get too loud!

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