The highest function of the human being is...


And as you can see in the cover image for this post, a high-frequency piece of art can TOTALLY rub its good juju off on you. Like this photograph of a wood carving by Canadian artist, Alex Jepson (

I can only image how stunning it looks close up in person to see all of the intricate paint and texture work in 3D compliment the natural wood grains.

Art like this is meant to remind us of why we are here. It restores natural order as it is imbued with the right amount and quality of skillful technique and intention.

Creativity IS our highest expression!

The ancient esoteric principle of "Ordo Ab Chao" (Order out of Chaos) was based on the fact that humans have the unique ability to order the natural world according to higher laws.

We provide value for both the higher and the lower orders and get a side-effect of feeling 'purposeful' and 'fulfilled'.

We can take plants, turn them into dyes and paint masterpieces.

We can take wood from fallen trees (hopefully!) and metals from raw ore to create instruments that are in turn used to create harmonious symphonies.

We can choreograph the raw movements of our bodies with others to create expressive dances that align with something greater.

These gifts of artistry demonstrate the more advanced functions of the human being in its capacity to shape love into a multitude of forms.

We are the transformers of frequency; stepping down subtle, higher frequencies in the material world and stepping up the dense frequencies of the manifest world into a higher form that is bound by fewer laws.

These are the descension and ascension processes that are referred to in spirituality - rooted in the essence of love.

When we act with the essence of love flowing through us and activating our unique sequence of DNA, we are aligned with our deepest passions.

Life flows. We feel expansive. Other people respond so positively to us!

This is why it is so important for us to learn to properly individuate ourselves first from the 'herd'.

At this point in time, in this particular multiverse coordinates, the planetary control structures have devolved the herd consensus to a dangerous new low.

They have inverted the Natural Law principle of creating order out of chaos to create THEIR order out of MANUFACTURED chaos. By fomenting division on upon every possible vector (gender, race, political affiliation, socio-economic class, and of course now jab status!), people have little time to properly individuate, align with their passions and create harmony.

They are caught up in the throes of human vs. human conflict and firmly entrained into controlled FEAR narratives.

Sadly, this is not a NEW phenomenon. This has plagued our species since time immemorial. But it is the #1 form of poison to the intricate alchemy of our higher creative pursuits.

When we get infected with a polarizing mind-virus and find ourselves in a human vs. human conflict we need to realize that we have been manipulated into this by something outside of ourselves.

Manipulated by the forces that fund both sides of a conflict. Forces that win no matter which side of a polarized debate triumphs.

The Wizard of Oz. The Sorcerers behind the scenes. The Archons. The whatever you call them.

They were the little clever kids in 5th grade who could convince the bigger kids to fight each other as a vapid source of entertainment.

(Well, that's a real watered down version of this force, but relatable analogy!)

Anyways, the point that I am trying to make here is that humanity is heading towards a time where human vs. human will seem to consume everything.

If you get caught up in this human vs. human conflict that is to come in any form, you will lose and someone pulling the strings will benefit. It's as simple as that.

That's why we need to be AWARE (to a degree...) of what is going on so that we know where to stand and how to orient ourselves.

But once we have realized what is not working out there, we can then focus our attention on the things that matter. Our artistry, our own personal creativity, and the deep passions that activate the finer instrumentation within the human biology.

With all of the frequency upgrades happening so naturally and effortlessly, we can begin to feel a tad superhuman when we cut through the immediate bandwidth of fear and distraction and place our attention firmly back into what is important for us.

This will be different for each person. Because many of us are still untangling ourselves from some layer of labyrinthine entanglement into millennia of degenerate slave programming.

But there are always one or two things that are more important than the others. This is where we need to start.

Once we have done the deed, we become more free to engage with the things that are more life-affirming.

Personally, I had to let my house go. I had been holding onto a house in Canada that flooded twice in 2 years! They say lightning never strikes twice, but the universe made an exception here!

I had to acknowledge that owning this house kept me tied into the system and that by giving it up, this allowed me to experience less entanglement in the system - especially in my physical body.

Major shifts are happening right now and most of us are feeling the heat when large aspects of our identity are being called into question. The intelligence of life is incredible for revealing the parts of us that have either never served or no longer serve the needs of where we are heading.

Take a moment to consider what things are in your way between you and your highest creative output at the moment? Facing these things and being clear on what needs to be done is the first step to reclaiming our relationship with our deepest passions; our unique ability to create Order out of Chaos :)

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