The Election and What is to Come...

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Well, here we have it again! A big event occurs and everyone has a collective knee-jerk reaction based on their deep conditioning into the Neo-Babylonian Dreamspell.

With the event that happened last week, many of us who can understand things symbolically are left shaking our heads in dismay asking "When will we all learn that it's the same played trick over and over so that we can actually bring about a positive future many of us dream of?"

Politics is the lowest of the low in terms of vibration. It has honestly become a downgraded and retarded ideological vibration of pure hostility and many people are still convinced that it is worth a shred of their attention to concern themselves on who will rule over them.

This is the nature of the Neo-Babylonian Dreamspell: obfuscate truth, keep people entrained into bread and circus phenomenon so that they release delicious lower emotions for lower astral entities to feed upon, and downgrade every humans' capabilities so that their bodies can be hijacked by external frequencies.

It is Neo-Babylonian because this system is merely a regurgitation of what was accomplished in the empire of ancient Babylon. This is where Mesopotamian sorcerers were successful in merging the empire's control system with a dark occult belief system. People were entrained into dark practices such as human sacrifice (Baal worship) and imprisoned by the usury-based debt system. The control structure was complete in this ancient civilization and no one in Spiritual circles fawns nostalgically over their past lives in Babylon!

Since that time, there have been a number of attempts to re-create this dark empire, but they have been only partially successful. They are trying really hard to implement a global Babylon as I type this, but the human spirit to dream of a better future keeps getting in the way as non-linear organic solutions to the hypnotic dreamspell seem to materialize at key moments with little warning to inflect the trajectory in a completely different direction.

You have to understand that the ones behind this (I'm not convinced that they are still human) know that they cannot rule over empowered and sovereign humans. They are more than happy to take control over 7 billion downgraded automatons and then cull that number to a manageable herd and claim victory.

Their motto: "The universe is a prison, so we might as well be the wardens".

These would-be overlords are actually very underdeveloped. They have zero-empathy and zero-access to heart-based potential. Relying solely on the mind, technology and some ancient occult parlor tricks they stole from legitimate spiritual systems.

That is why we keep seeing the plunge into an increasingly divisive and juvenile world that resembles a degenerate circus.

It's hard to believe this is what is truly happening, even though it does register on a deep level for anyone with a single strand of DNA.

It's only hard to believe because we constantly hear a completely different narrative running through our institutions. A narrative that is consistent, although it never seems to add up. I'm not just talking about the mainstream media here. I'm talking about a concerted narrative that is aligned throughout media, academia, medicine, entertainment industry and of course... politics!

If you repeat the same lie over and over again, people will eventually believe it! That is written on page 1 of every totalitarian playbook.

But not all hope is lost despite how glim things appear...

The most interesting thing about this year is how there have been 3 major shifts in the collective perception triggered by large-scale events that also correlate with certain astrological conjuctions...

The first was January through March when the pandemic became a more serious topic. Initially, FEAR was the response but as time went on more and more people woke up to the abhorrent abuses of power and the fear response shifted from the virus to the institutional and political mandates that started to make less and less sense given the relatively low death rates. Not to mention the glaringly inconsistent data that went with predictive models, testing results and the timing of particular mandates

The second was in May/June when riots broke up due to the killing of George Floyd. At first, everyone responded with ANGER to the racialized killing and then eventually people woke up to the hidden forces at work behind the organized rioting. The placement of bricks at protests, the burning down of vulnerable communities and the attacks on innocent bystanders revealed the nature of these 'movements' as agenturs of chaos.

This third conjunction is happening in November and it is basically where the collective breathes RELIEF as their knee-jerk reaction is to embrace business-as-usual politics. We will likely see a great exposing of the mechanisms behind what is going on here like we have for the other two major unravellings this year.

2020 is truly a year for collective purification and I just want to remind everyone that the initial response to any of these large event (the virus, the social justice riots and now the US election) is the predictable unconscious reaction in the larger collective. This is temporary as the response will shift in order to align and harmonize with the higher frequencies that are currently at play.

Everything that has happened and is still happening is part of an immense global purification. With this third event (or conjunction), the roof is still on fire.

We cannot take stock of what is really happening at this stage. All we can do is witness and hold our frequencies on what it is that truly matters. But this is fricking hard!

That's why I have little respect for people who identify as spiritual anymore. They are merely rosy-glasses, wearing bliss seekers and they develop in one area of life while staying grossly underdeveloped in other areas of life. Including the area that requires 'sensing' - the only reliable and embodied mechanism for exercising sovereignty.

In my honest opinion, everything that has played out this year in the media has resembled a poorly-written movie script and it would be so damn funny if it were indeed fiction.

But it's not. It's the world we are living in.

All I can do is speak what I know to be true and dispel the proclaimed truth that oozes from every orifice of the Babylonian dream-maker machine. It's a spell. The Wizards of Oz are behind the curtains laughing whole-heartedly as people buy into their lies.

The lies are hardly believable anymore but the problem is, people are already traumatized and are just looking for some semblance of safety and certainty where they can lick their wounds in peace.

Because when we are scared and have a knee-jerk reaction, there is little chance we will respond from our higher authority and heart-based wisdom. Instead, we get slammed back into the five-senses perception and operate from the logical computer of the left-brain which is nothing more than a data aggregator.

And frankly, the data is fake and the model is just plain wrong.

I don't even have to justify any of this as the truth will come out over the next few months. It already has for the last two conjunctions from earlier this year and it usually takes three blows (the third being the death-knell) to vanquish something fully. The lies are just a flimsy house of cards and the tectonic shifts are already underway.

If you are triggered by this and want to yell at me - go ahead. You can find my contact info in the top bar, far right column.

And I ask that if you do yell at me, let's also recap in early 2021 and see what has changed in this time. I'm happy to embrace you with open arms if you are willing to admit "I WAS WRONG".

Likewise, in the event that I am just some crazy dude screaming on a soap box about sovereignty and that there really is a killer virus that necessitates global mask-wearing and vaccines that cannot be spread by Antifa riots and that Biden will restore the entire world to utopian peace than I will happily say I was wrong and we can be friends again.

We could already have a much better future. We have the technology, the right medicine and the right social/spiritual structures to create incredible/advanced and sovereign communities. The only thing that prevents us is the fact that the majority is deciding the narrative right now.

And until the last turd of the current toilet show is flushed down the drain, we will just have to exercise patience, speak our voice firmly, and keep engaging the activities that bring us true joy.

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