Stop Complying, Start Doing What you Really Want To!

Well, I've been awfully quiet lately. That's because I've been in the 'music world'. It's a very happy place where I get to sit and connect with different realms and give them life in this one. There's a very specific and potent project that is reaching its completion in the next few days and I'll be extremely excited to share it once it is finally complete.

Our deepest passions lie in the higher frequencies of our being. The part of us that resonates on a spectrum of interconnectedness with the rest of life. The literal frequency of pure love - the force that expands consciousness.

I reach this state of interconnectedness through the one-on-one work that I do by allowing people to vulnerably reveal themselves and by creating music and art with a reverence for life. For you, it may be a different nectar than music but the feeling you find is likely the same.

Unity, freedom, being in control of our lives - no matter what you call it, this is the same feeling in each of us. This is the state that we all ultimately seek. It is our essence when we have stripped away the patterning, conditioning and programming that keeps us entrained into some limited expression of our capabilities.

This state of pure love is always there but it often overridden by the much stronger frequencies of our negative patterning that is enmeshed into the various patterning that runs through our family lineages, our environment and our societies.

Right now at this time, there is a tremendous amount of petitioning by global forces to permanently keep us entrained into the negative patterning through the use of compliance. Compliance out of fear.

A recent study stated that 80% of people hate their jobs. Not dislike but actually HATE. So if they have to create a life revolved around that which they hate, it becomes extremely difficult to exist in this state of pure love.

Not to mention that now, work is becoming even more unbearable as the looming threat of becoming redundant is ever increasing, most workplaces require people to wear a mask and at some point in the near future, many employers will mandate that their employees have had a certain hastily-prepared jab in the arm.

Many people don't want to have these, but they also feel trapped because they feel completely reliant on their job to keep themselves supported. It is a tremendously stressful position to be in - accept something that doesn't feel right at all or face losing your job.

That is one way compliance is maintained. By making an essential need (the ability to earn a livelihood) conditional on one's compliance to a top-down mandate with absolutely zero flexibility. You either do what your told to do or you cannot earn a livelihood.

Other people want to wear a mask and get a jab in the arm because it makes them feel safe. They are existing in fear of an external force, already traumatized by the media and with 8 months of severe isolation and restrictions so they choose these things out of fear.

Neither is a position to be in if you actually want to connect with your deeper passions and experience the freedom to do what matters most to you.

Heck, most people don't even know what they really want to do because they have been denying themselves of life for an extremely long time.

I had to go through this process. A few years back I quit my job without a plan. I did it because I was sick of being told where to go and when by someone else. Living like this prevented me from actually do what was needed to figure out what was right.

Quitting without a plan felt like the right thing to do though. And I found some gigs here and there to keep myself afloat but it took a solid year to unravel from the patterning of being a compliant order-follower and shift into the context of being someone who decides the conditions of their own life.

I would never trade this for anything because to do so would be to dishonour my life force energy. Life force energy is literally the prime currency for us and when we follow its thread, abundance, well-being, prosperity and better relationships are all natural side effects.

Following our life force energy keeps us vital. The negative patterning becomes more and more obvious as it begins to unravel. The relatively weak field of our pure, loving essence begins to get stronger until it has the majority vote that decides what we can do and it can finally override the negative patterning and conditioning that we were once operating under.

We don't just learn to heal ourselves, we learn to heal patterns that are actually transpersonal. The patterns we heal from we begin to recognize in others and are able to connect more vulnerably and deeply with others as they become drawn to us in order for them to initiate their own self-healing mechanisms from negative patterning.

The biggest shift for me has been the shift between referencing life from the mind and the five senses to referencing life in terms of vibration. When we follow how we 'sense' things instead of how we 'think' about things, life takes on a magical quality. Albeit, some things we end up doing may seem strange and spontaneous but such is the nature of honouring the subtle flow of life force energy.

And the things that dishonour our life force energy become glaringly obvious. In order to preserve the connection with our essence, we have to develop the ability to say 'NO' when needed. To actually voice that and let people who believe that they have authority over us know that they actually don't.

Because these people are following procedures that they rarely question. They have allowed themselves to become automatons - machinations of bureaucracy and enforcers of arbitrary (and often harmful) policies and mandates.

On a day to day basis, I am not afraid to express how I feel to these people when they insist I rub toxic, dehydrating and beneficial-bacteria slaying chemical sanitizer on my hands for no good reason. I let them know that I exercise my own hygiene and have ensured my hands are perfectly clean without adding additional chemicals.

These are the little ways we can push back against the blind adherence to life force crushing mandates. The bigger ways is by expressing how we truly feel about what is currently going on. At this point, enough people are completely tired of what is happening. The buffoon politicians with no answers, the corporate virtue-signalling, the self-appointed technocratic rulers that claim how arm jabs and expanded telecommunications networks are the solution to everything.

At a deep level, you should begin to realize that what you are pushing back against is a cocktail of insanity and anti-life ideologies. If the massive contradictions of what has been said in the last year aren't apparent enough, then consider these questions:

- Why has an experimental, DNA-modifying, hastily-made arm jab been prioritized over educating people about the power of their own immune system that is naturally-geared to fight off viruses worse than the current one?

- Why is there so much emphasis on carbon tax and 'going green' while promoting spacing high-frequency towers 200 m apart on every inch of the globe and putting 50 000 satellites into the ionosphere that emit radiation in a frequency bandwidth that literally breaks down oxygen molecules and kills life?

- Why have the reported cases of the seasonal flu and deaths related to COVID plummeted, yet now we are seeing increasing mandates for mask-wearing and social distancing?

- Why are small businesses made to shut down while Walmart, Target and the huge multi-national stores are allowed to stay open? Are they really any 'safer'?

- Why is the censorship of anyone (educated and reasonable or not) that questions this going through the roof right now?

It's not comfortable to consider these things but it is time to stop complying with them or just allowing them to happen in hopes of things going back to normal.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity when all of our backs are so pushed against the wall that just perhaps we will all decide to take collective action. Once that happens, then we can put the wisdom on how live properly to use and begin establishing new ways to live that allow people to truly honour their life force energy without the need to comply with harmful forms of authority.

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