Right before the top of the roller coaster!

If you have ever been to a theme park and allowed your sense of adventure to nearly traumatize you, then you've probably been on one of those massive roller coasters. The ones that spin you around, defy gravity and nearly deafen you with the screams of terrified humans.

There is a particular feeling of butterflies in the stomach that comes up when the ride begins heading for it's final plunge. It's the sinking feeling of dread right before the climax of the ride when that flash of survival instinct kicks in and says "I wonder when they did their last safety audit on this ride?".

But it's too late to do anything about it.

That's where we are at folks. The part of the ride where it tips over into a free fall.

We are literally weeks away from some massive shifts in our physical reality.

I've been feeling it deeply and corresponding with astrologers who say the same, and others in my circles who are tuned in have further affirmed this sentiment.

So, I hope you are prepared. Nature is forging ahead and carving out its own path and humanity better be willing to adapt. The other side will be beautiful for those that can hold their seat, tune into what is needed and take rightful action that aligns with it.

It is survival of the fittest. But 'fittest' doesn't refer to who has the best abs, most money or are hiding in the best spot.

Fittest will be those that know themselves and refuse to act out of alignment with their personal sovereignty - no matter how much their backs are pressed against the wall.

I've joked with my partner Vanessa that there are 4 teams of the 2020 apocalypse: Antifa, Q-Anon, the Normies and the Sovereigns.

The first two teams have already been at war for a while now and that has escalated to the point where there are deaths on either side. This escalation will continue to increase as the alignment of the planets reinforced by the clever algorithms rippling through their echo chambers presses them into more drastic action.

The Normies hope that by obeying the medical mandates and waiting for a vaccine that movies will come back and they can go to sporting events soon. Too bad that they are in for a total shock.

The sovereigns have been awfully quiet aside from some guest appearances at the anti-lockdown protests. Unfortunately, taking action for this group in a greater capacity will not be truly seen until the 11th hour.

Many spiritual teachers and practitioners don't even understand what is at play because they are not addressing the elephant in the room - the REAL virus.

That is what this whole thing is about. Ejecting the real virus from our reality altogether. Despite the intensity of what is coming, this is our collective chance to finally usher in the New Earth.

What is the real virus? Look around you...

Where has paving paradise gotten us?

Where has clear cutting the forests and strip mining for oil gotten us?

Where has ruining the lives of indigenous cultures and completely neglecting the nectar of their multi-dimensional experience of reality gotten us?

Where has reducing the mass of humanity to a solipsistic, narcissistic and bot-like form of consciousness gotten us?

Where has controlling and deluding the propagation of information gotten us?

Look around you. None of this is normal. Our account of history is totally messed up because we are made to think all cultures of the world that came before the modern era were brutish, poor and lived awful lives.

That couldn't be further from the truth! When people are allowed to express themselves and live as a natural part of their biosphere, they maintain their multi-dimensional awareness.

Not this bullshit 5-senses reality, locked-in-our-minds, can't-feel-beneath-the-shoulders crap that we are meant to believe is related to 'progress'.

Unfortunately, the 'real virus' is being reinforced by ordinary people that just don't have the awareness to know what else is out there.

They think wearing a mask and putting globs of toxic crap on their hands all day will keep them safe as they shovel nutrient-devoid fast food in their faces and aggressively exercise their petty authority to demand that others do the same.

For the sovereigns, it's all a bit overwhelming right now.

When you are plugged in and can feel what is happening right now, it's almost too much. Because you are digesting what is currently happening on behalf of the collective and that includes the unconscious motivations and manipulative tendencies that are playing themselves out.

My role in all of this is simply to hold a sign that says "this way to a more positive future outcome". I have been using the last 6 months to produce as much content as I can while working one-on-one with anyone interested in actually plugging into that positive future outcome.

Some days I feel like I get totally lost in it all but then I take a step back and realize that this is an initiation and it's not meant to be pretty, nor easy.

The process of what is playing out is meant to reshape us into the 'fittest' version of ourselves that we can be in whatever form that may take.

And I am available to help you in whatever way I can. Whether that is to offer you the amazing interviews and content in my podcasts https://www.buzzsprout.com/1167215, deliver a soundscape for better heart-alignment and psychic-intuitive connection https://bit.ly/3l7dsAY, or offer a complimentary ZOOM call - or a session.

Yes, I've got to eat too so not all I do is free - but the vast majority of it is!

At the end of the day, I just want people to find their own nectar and commit to living from that place. To say no to anything that pulls us away from our inner knowing of absolute truth.

This whole thing could be over tomorrow without any violence if we all agreed to just stand in our truth and say 'we aren't taking anymore of this crap!'.

Realistically, it's going to have to get worse before we collectively come to that point. But worse is just relative. It's just really about getting more clear and more in-our-face, not really worse although the human part of us might feel that way.

If you are interested in a complimentary 20 minute one-on-one call, click the CONTACT link at the top bar and drop me a message. I will personally respond.

I'd drop my email address here but I am old school and believe people should have to work a little bit for what they want as opposed to making things too easy :)

I hope you are doing well and this will all be perfectly fine in the end. But if you need some clarity, re-assurance or higher dimensional insights - I AM here for you!


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