Reflections on the Bardos

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

It’s a peculiar thing when we begin to wake up from the dream that we found ourselves completely hypnotized in. There's a peculiar tingling sensation when we start to realize it isn’t the first time that this all has happened.

The nature of the human being is to produce dream-simulations to keep itself occupied with the fact that not much is actually happening with the 'Being' part of us. The human part, belong to the dense, material-whirl of the Creation. It is only due to the influence of our Being that anything real can occur.

When the human instrument is identified with a particular dream-script (belief system is a partial analogy here), it doesn’t JUST have strong emotional attachment to the elements of the dream-script. Instead, it is entrained literally into the same state of consciousness as the dream-script - the same vibratory resonance. I believe the Tibetan Buddhist term ‘bardo’ gives an accurate depiction of what these dream-scripts are. They are full blown tactile hallucinations with particular temperature, pressure, and subjective pain and pleasure points. The pain points are of most interest because they are the weakest link for Being to potentially penetrate through.

The ability of Being to penetrate our particular pain points is based on our ability to impartially and non-judgmentally observe our actions, particular those originating from the motor center of the body. It can be a slow process or very rapid, but the tried and true method of non-judgmental self-observation will eventually signal to the higher planes that you are done identifying with the dreams of the material world.

Of course, it is rare these days anyone has just one particular dream-script running. In fact, the tendency is to weave many dream-scripts together into a dream-simulation and then truly believe it is a ‘life’ and that it has some sort of higher significance. It most certain is not life, at least for the Being who passively goes along for the ride. The Being longs for the ability to assert it’s Will over the human instrument - the mind, body and emotions contained within the physical morphology - so that it may awaken the higher potentials latent within the human that can influence both the lower and higher dimensions.

However, awakening is merely where the work BEGINS.

If ever we are able to grok at the breadth and scale of the Creation, we can imagine that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done when we realize this whole thing isn’t just about our self-important, but otherwise insignificant life. As soon as we are able to stop buying into the increasingly elaborate and subtle dream-simulations that we weave we can begin to do something of value, of objective, conscious work.

But that does not mean we are doing work, it simply means we can.

The form of work is rather thankless and painstakingly long from the perspective of Being. But essentially, our Being must perfect the life of the human - endlessly. Sounds grim, but if you think about it - the party is way more fun if everyone is there and got their homework done first!

Fortunately, this work is also of benefit to our Being. This perfection of the machine involves waking it up and fully activating it to maximum capacity – both subtle and gross. For if the human machine is activated, it can have a permanent transformative effect on our Being. It acts as a time-space pathway for the Being to transition from one vibratory bandwidth to a slightly (or greatly) expanded bandwidth.

And the degree or differential of that change is what matters.

Of course, it really isn’t about us so we score points for helping others. Big time. Higher and higher activations require higher and lofty principles such as patience, compassion, kindness and true generosity expressed unconditionally.

Now before I can get too carried away with those higher principles, it is important we address how much of our attention is caught up within our particular and personalized dream-simulations. Because identification happens unconsciously and habitually over the course of 10, 25, 50, or what feels like 1000 years, we are often not even aware of how much attention has been secretly seduced by the relationship to the particular dream-script. Our attention can either suffer from being too little, or being too fixed and rigid into compartmentalized categories. It is imperative that we free up our Attention as the Being will eventually require 100% fluid, one-pointed attention. Until we get there, anything in-between will more than suffice.

The main secret weapon of the Being to increase its attention is observation.

The more that we tune in and observe what is going on inside of us with regards to particular circumstances or relationships, the more that we loosen the vice grip of the identification to our dream-simulations. With practice, these dream-simulations merely become a distant story you once heard about. It’s the liberation of attention to the tethered mess of our unconscious associations that we need the most.

Attention is our main currency initially. With it over time we can build our second currency, presence.

Sufficient attention is necessary to gain deeper insight into the things that truly serve, nourish and nurture the Being and the activation of the human being. This difference is extremely important. Especially due to how tricky it can be to really understand how deeply-rooted some of these pleasure and pain points go and how much of our neural wiring has been reinforced by them.

The mind is like a gatekeeper. If you wire the brain properly, the gate will open freely for your consciousness to pass from the human machine into the Being’s awareness.

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