Natural Law vs. Man's Law

Life is really only a confusing mystery when we are thoroughly entrained into artificial constructs that have no consideration of Nature. However, when we align ourselves with Natural law, things fall into place quickly. There are no words to explain this phenomenon other than 'the flow of things' - the body responds to what is needed on a moment to moment basis and all is well.

Nature does not really care about anything we make up and decide to call 'reality'. She will gladly ruin our sandcastle if it doesn't agree with the direction of where she is heading and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it.

If this year has shown us anything, it is the absolute pile of shit we can get ourselves into when we exercise collective ignorance and align ourselves with a false construct that causes harm.

At the basis of existence is Natural law. You could think of that as the behavioral tendencies of the universe generally approximated by the 7 Hermetic principles.

All of our societal laws are constructs that bear no water when we consider the fact that we are merely advanced primates that have for the most part fallen out of alignment with our essence.

That can be changed in an instant.

We can choose to move in alignment with our biosphere in a wise and aligned manner or we can use our big beautiful minds to identify with some fantasy that will only limit our perspective tremendously, and thus, our potential.

Such as the fantasy that we are merely a 'person' that was born at a certain time and will eventually die. Many traditions of the world created intricate systems to try and extract the entrainment of the awareness into the survival of the biology.

The concept of 'dying before you die' is just that. A removal of the identity with the personality, the hopes and the aspirations of the individual so that what underlies our desire to survive can be remembered.

Natural Law.

All we need to do to align with Natural Law is simply remove all the layers of identification we have piled on top of it.

Identified with a person in a body.

Identified with having a role in society.

Identified with the conditioning of what we are told we are by other people in our lives.

Identified with particular political, spiritual, economic or religious ideologies we have been exposed to.

Identified with the insanity of trying to figure out the other layers of identification while receiving confusing primal urges from some mysterious underlying source.

Yes, that's why waking up can hurt. It exposes how misguided and misaligned our layers of identification with fantasy constructs has been.

But identification is a word that requires some unpacking. Identification is not just a preference for something - it is the literal entrainment of consciousness into a specific narrow and limited bandwidth. Whatever we identify with, we literally fall into the same level of consciousness as.

So therefore, it's a bit hard to realize we are eternal beings of unlimited potential when we tell ourselves day in and day out things like "I am a customer service operator at Verizon" or "I am a Progressive Liberal".

When we tell ourselves these things, we have the experience of being these things and the group mind of all that other people that support it. Often it isn't simple as just telling ourselves we are one thing, because we tend to entrain our attention into a number of areas in a given day and this forms interpenetrating layers of a complex identity.

At the end of the day, what matters is are we willing to let go of our multitude of identities to see reality as it is? Without using the lens of our entrainment into various identities.

Look at today's world. Political polarization in American is reaching insane and dangerous levels. If you say 'Biden' to the wrong person you may expect a violent reaction. Doubly so if you say 'Trump' to the wrong person.

Many are so identified with their particular political perspectives that they are willing to dehumanize those that share the opposing perspective. This is how we are driven to atrocious acts of violence - justifying our actions by only seeing wrongness and evil in the other side.

Nature doesn't give a shit about who you vote for.

In fact, while everyone is yelling, screaming, protesting and fighting chances are that they will miss the subtle queues to get with the program.

And this program is a bus you probably don't want to miss this time around.

I see so many people that call themselves environmentalist fighting for justice, yet have no problem in the state mandating what goes into their bodies and supporting the roll-out of telecommunications systems that have disastrous consequences on the Earth's magnetic body.

Not very 'environmentally-friendly' or supportive of harmonious human biological functions if you take a step back and examine the bigger picture.

Nature is currently asserting her force and the mass of humanity is trying to resist it and blame things that have nothing to do with the real problem.

The real problem is that we have bought in - hook, line and sinker - with something that is moving 180 degrees from the direction of Nature.

Nature wants us to be complete human beings. Embodied, multidimensional, harmonious, happy and present human beings. This is an evolution to anything that we have ever known before.

Yet at this pivotal moment in history, so many are actively petitioning and screaming hysterically for some artificial solution to Nature's force.

Who do you honestly think will win this stand-off? ignorant masses backed by technology OR Nature backed by universal intelligence?

I won't answer that as it is a rhetorical question.

But it is far from doom and gloom. The point here is that we each have a choice to make. And that choice is what we align with.

Do we align with 'man's law' or do we align with 'Natural Law'?

Aligning with man's law is a knee-jerk fear reaction and aligning with Natural Law means we uproot all the untruths we have stored in our bodies, emotions and minds to realize what just is.

As more and more of our dearly held beliefs are stripped away in the coming days and our backs are pushed further against the wall, more and more people will have the opportunity to soberly ask themselves where they stand on this question.

It doesn't have to be dire. The sooner each of us choose to align with Natural Law, the better it will be for us as heart breaking as the events that unfold are.

That have to be that way as unfortunately, we cannot make this decision on behalf of others.

The 'Matrix' isn't the thing out there. It is the thing embedded into us. The negative and harmful patterning and programming of society are within our being and affect the way we feel and the way that we perceive reality.

As we heal the tense and life-force restricted parts of ourselves, we undo the matrix within us and relinquish its stranglehold upon our being.

We are then able to establish our own natural baseline and are free to act as sovereign beings.

When this happens, we begin to see how we can reclaim our post in the Great work. What people may refer to as their 'purpose'.

The work I do is to get people aligned with Natural Law and their purpose as effectively as possible. This process is two-fold, it involves untangling our life force energy on one hand and then tuning into the larger spectrum of our multi-dimensional existence.

This work may seem magical, but it is wholly organic. It is a way of working that was very common in the ancient wisdom cultures of the world and is re-integrating itself quickly into the modern context.

Part of this work involves training people on how to do this work for themselves and that's why I run (along with my good friend Marie) an Akashic Records Reader course.

You are not alone on this path. There are many beings out there to assist you to shed the patterning and programming quickly if you know how to ask for help.

If you are reading these words right now and interested in learning more, I highly recommend you check out this course that I am offering in October:

If a course isn't in the cards for you at this point, that's perfectly fine. I hope that the words in this blog post sink in and begin to inform your essence of how to align with Natural Law in your own life. I'm always on top of my inbox, so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll get back to you soon.

I'm here to help in any way I can and will always support anyone interested, regardless of their means.

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