Do we actually need to FIGHT for freedom?

Ahhhh... summer is upon the northern hemisphere right now. In my native land of Canada, it is the shortest-lived of the seasons. Summer is the season that follows pseudo-winter and precedes cryogenic deep freeze. It is marked by spending more time in the great outdoors. Whether that be fishing, camping, picnics, or good ol' protesting.

Of course these days, people are not exactly sure if it is safe to be outside with the increasingly complex and always changing set of absolutist rules imposed upon them. According to these 'rules', casinos and department stores are much safer than the dreaded natural world. After all, there may be bats out there and we are not sure if this whole mess originated from a bat or not...

The foundation for the argument to keep humans indoors and isolated is fairly simple. Humans do not belong outside, science is smarter than nature and the only way to stay safe is to inject oneself with some experimental gene cocktail.

Regardless of what you believe whether that is David Icke, the 6-o'clock news, basement YouTube Q-anon reporter, New York Times, The Young Turks, blah... blah... blah... It's all very boring and predictable: "Look at what these assholes are doing it's their fault we are in this mess and if they don't stop doing what they are doing, it will kill us all!".

Us vs. them. Polarization and the Hegelian Dialectic timed to a perfect cue. Meant to keep us identified with a struggle and not remembering the key...

We were born free. We do not need to fight for it. We do not need to change anyone else or save them.

Our deepest nature is connected to all life and that organic orientation is far superior than the degenerate worldview that is called 'modern scientific consensus'.

If you actually talk to one of those high-IQ, but boring and cold rational, atheist types long enough and question them about their worldview you'll find the most far fetched story out there. This creation story is what modern science is promoting these days and it goes something like this:

A random series of events occurred in the universe. Out of which, life randomly evolved in greater and greater complexity. Over time, even more random mutations began happening until humans were created. Humans are the pinnacle of consciousness in the universe. However, humans are also flawed (presumably because they came about from random mutations). But science is very smart and we can use technology to enhance humans into a new species.

And this is the spiritual belief/worldview that underlies everything going on right now. It's not a conspiracy, it is simply a poisoned worldview that has festered into the epitome of a synthetic, toxic dumpster fire: Humans are flawed but the most brilliant minds can fix them and make a better species.

Of course, intellect, genius, compassion and impeccability are all mutually- exclusive qualities.

You can have an IQ of 205 and invent the most powerful thermo-nuclear warhead and still believe it is a good idea to detonate it over the enemy's cities. Or strip mine the Canadian tundra for low-grade crude oil.

The point is, when one's worldview is sufficiently compromised they will only propagate suffering. When we adopt a worldview that reinforces enslavement or a misanthropic stance, we cannot realize our own freedom. Such a worldview cannot co-exist with the realization that we are beings of infinite potential, nourished and enlivened by a unified web of love. They form an incredible cognitive dissonance.

In fact, if we really look at it, the modern social paradigm talks about everything in excruciating detail except for things that concern love. Love is instead relegated to wishy-washy sentimental romance movies or clumsily packaged as some sort of a marketing gimmick.

Essentially, the most important thing in existence is given no place at all. Is it not easy to see why so many people are stuck in a consumption-based life? They are devoid of the one thing they need, so they mindlessly consume in a vain attempt to try and find it.

Freedom is a frequency that we carry in our body born out of a felt-sense connection with love. Though love is our natural configuration, humans can have that configuration changed. This is done through reinforcing trauma and poisoning one's worldview.

Why would anyone want to do this in the first place? Because there is another force acting out there that chose not to root itself in love. It rooted itself in the infinite and must endlessly consume life-force in order to prolong death.

Therefore, it must manipulate, dominate, coerce, and replicate in its own image. It must replicate its poisoned worldview in other so that they will feed this force and in turn feed upon others.

The entire cycle of dominance, manipulation and coerce is so unnatural that it must expend a tremendous amount of energy just to stay in the game. Especially as the organic, life-supporting ways are constantly getting smart to its games.

Therefore, it gets more desperate. More manipulative. Most dominating. More complex. In turn, the external effects are more painful and more harm is caused externally.

At this point, the only notion of hope this force has of remaining on the planet is if it can turn people into devolved cyborgs through the introduction of various 'technologies' associated with transhumanism.

This is no conspiracy. If you want to see this for yourself, go hear it from the horse's mouth. Go read about what the head of the WEF has written in his book 'The Great Reset', pick up a scientific journal and read about they way they gloat over merging humans with technology and extol the inconvenience of nature.

It all starts to make a lot of sense when we realize that there is no conspiracy, just people who are so devoid of love that they believe controlling humans (in fewer number) through technology and keeping them out of the natural world is actually a good thing.

This does not really matter at all though if we can just look at this and realize it is a joke. We are actually incredibly powerful beings that can reshape reality when we stop agreeing to be an inadvertent food source for predatory belief systems.

It all starts with healing our worldview. When we believe it is possible to be free at a felt-sense level, the healing begins to trickle down through our mental, emotional and physical layers and we begin to embody more and more of the frequency of freedom.

This frequency then radiates outward and influences those in our lives as well as allows us to live with greater and greater amounts of fulfillment and joy.

We are the ones getting in our own way. A lot of the people I see come to me and have a tremendous amount of fear about what could happen in the future due to events outside their control.

What I help them understand is no event is outside their control.

Trungpa Rinpoche once said "We are personally responsible for not allowing the world to fall apart". When we truly contemplate these words, we begin to understand the power we have to reshape our reality, bend our luck and get out of ANY situation.

Well... there are certain things we should not do as doing those things knowingly DOES have consequences. But that is another story.

Anyways, I just wanted to say go and be free. Do what you love. If you need more help on the details in a personalized way, I'd highly suggest you check out some of the events I'm doing this summer.

Most of them are by donation and cover topics like Astrology, the Akashic Records, Frequency-based healing sessions and conscious business workshops. You can always learn more about that right here:

Until next time! Dave

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