Are you REALLY prepared for what is to come?

This is obviously a historical year that will be deeply imprinted on our collective psyche for a very long time. But, it's only the beginning of something much larger.

The beginning of what and how the hell do you know this, David?

Well, form always follows energy. When you learn to see the energy that underlies events, people, movements and belief systems you get a pretty clear picture of the direction that a particular thing will head.

What is far more difficult to predict is how the energy of whatever we are examining will affect the composite of all the other 'things' that are happening concurrently and how the net result will play out in the physical world.

Or the world of 'effects'. That is what the physical world is - an endpoint for energy.

Most people (and most scientists included) look at the form of things and try to come up with an explanation of what is happening.

But the forces that 'cause' the effects are actually energetic and have nothing to do with the physical at all. They are linked to intention, where attention has been sustained for extended periods of time and the number of individuals involved.

When there are forces at play that have an ill-intention and then are obsessed upon by masses of people for extended periods of time, we can get some very scary results.

In the blink of an eye our world was changed and what has transpired over the last few months has really challenged those who are trying to hold their seat amidst the turmoil. Though it seems like a full-on assault on all fronts - many have woken up and begun to look at the world a lot differently.

At the same time, many more are doubling down on their obedience and blind trust in an official narrative that has many troubling aspects to it.

Shock waves of fear rippled throughout humanity and left no facet of the globe untouched.

Almost as quickly as the news of COVID spread, dissenting voices questioning the response rose up immediately.

And many of them were 'debunked', ridiculed or worse yet, completely censored.

The interesting thing is that the debunking seemed to be done through 'fact-checkers' who use completely unknown or very questionable methods of verification. When individuals have looked into the fact-checkers, many holes have been found in their methodology (see Snopes' divorce debacle and the detail surrounding that as a starter).

I have a real problem with ridicule and ad hominem attacks being any sort of a legitimate debate. It immediately raises a red flag if you cannot address the core issue of someone's argument. If one has to resort to name calling or laughing at them,they are in the category of denial.

It looks ridiculous to them because it doesn't line up with the rest of their beliefs. But can they verify that their beliefs are actually correct in the first place?

“first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” was apparently attributed to Gandhi. Whether he said it or not is irrelevant, but it seems to accurately describe the reaction most people have when their cognitive dissonance is triggered.

If only well-intentioned people could learn how to critically think and step away from the patterns and conditioning that has affected their awareness so deeply and subconsciously.

But that's wayyyy too much to ask for people that have access to swipe-able romances, next day delivery and a plethora of high-calorie/low-nutrient dietary options.

Most people tend to simply look at something from an official-looking source and assume that it is true. It is a toddler-like state of development where they are waiting for mommy and daddy to tell them how the world works.

The same is also true on the other side of the coin where people mistrust EVERYTHING that goes along with the official narrative and end up believing some far out ideas that are peddled by popular and emotionally-evocative independent sources.

So now that we realize we are in a soup of FAKE NEWS, hysteria and delusional explanations - what do we do?

I always advocate Self-verification.

Take everything you are presented with as being a possibility and weigh it against your own intuition and inner knowing. Acknowledge your conditioning and how it affects you and then promptly step away from it. Be willing to refine your understanding of things as new information becomes available.

To do this requires that you are RELAXED. You cannot simply step away from conditioning when you are in the throes of hysteria.

Feel into the thing and sense the energy behind it. It is loving, compassionate and accurate? or is it fearful, biased and trying to impose itself on you?

Humans are so very adaptable and we can always learn better ways to do things. That is why there are so many systems for re-wiring your mind with better beliefs to improve the quality of your life.

But it isn't just a mental thing. It is a full-body visceral experience of truth that we all truly need to be PREPARED.

Prepared for what? What is to come 'oh-exalted-writer-of-this-blog'?

What is to come is the force of nature rebalancing itself. Emphasis on FORCE.

As nature rises and guides us towards an organic evolutionary process, the powers that have benefited from clear cutting forests, strip mining nature preserves, polluting the oceans, funding countless wars, injected industrial bi-products into food, keeping people distracted with vapid entertainment and in debt are NOT going to be happy.

Like anyone who doesn't want to get with the ever-so-obvious program they will double down in their efforts and cause a great deal of stress, turmoil and insanity in the process.

I have no desire of investing any of my energy into that clown show.

Instead, I am 100% in alignment with getting on the organic evolution train. This means cleaning up any patterning that I have succumbed to that doesn't jive with where it is heading. It means losing a couple material possessions, letting go of some old/stagnant relationships and admitting where I was wrong in the past.

There is great liberation in that.

Nature has everything we need, but for some reason we want a nice sofa. Then we need a place to put the sofa and the resources to pay electricity bills so the sofa doesn't get ruined by cold weather. Then we need a job that can allow us to pay those bills and pretty soon, we have a lot of 'stuff' that needs to be justified in our lives and clouds our decision when nature screams "TURN LEFT IMMEDIATELY".

I'd much rather be an untethered dot. A dot that is fully vulnerable to nature's queues and can pick up on the signs intuitively. This means letting stuff go - materially and emotionally.

When you don't have any baggage and are sensitive and discerning enough to read the signs that's how you end up in the right place at the right time. Some say that's being lucky, but I say that is being prepared.

I recently did a video on 'Life Force Energy'. This is the literal currency of our own well-being. When we trim with a tremendous amount of life force energy not only do we feel vital and healthy, but our awareness becomes fluid, the mind become calm and we have a felt-sense connection back with truth.

In essence, we become unshakeable and others FEEL it.

In these days of information warfare, the need to cultivate our life force energy has never been greater in order to prepare ourselves for the unnerving events that are to follow.

I'd highly recommend checking out this video to help you learn about life force energy and at the end there is a link to a free guide with some ways you can cultivate it within yourself to take your life back and transmute the negative patterning that has been running through all of of us for far too long:

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