The Akashic Field

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

There is a field that permeates the entire universe. This field is a form of memory in which data regarding all past occurrences and events is stored as the configuration and behaviour of sub-atomic particles. Researchers in quantum mechanics describe this field as the ‘Zero Point Field’. It is the ground state of the universe – or baseline energetic state that is consistent and ubiquitous, permeating throughout every nanometer and nanosecond of space-time.

In previous scientific models, the universe was thought to primarily consist of a total void interspersed with the very occasional stellar body, however, in more recent models they have found that even at the lowest possible energetic state (i.e. absolute zero in a vacuum), there is still a great deal of activity occurring on a sub-atomic level.

Even in a vacuum with a temperature of absolute zero, virtual particles are zipping in and out of existence as they modulate between parallel dimensions. Permanent sub-atomic particles vibrate with a relatively high state of energetic activity given the apparent rock-bottom energy level in this type of system. Despite this highly-energetic baseline activity, physicists happily subtract this Zero Point energy out as though it were a nuisance and carry on their merry way because it is all-pervasive, and hence, exists on BOTH sides of the equation. However, the mystic does not try and subtract out this Zero Point energy as though it is some inconvenient constant. Instead, the mystic will stop and ask why does this field exist and what significance does it possess?

To the mystic, the ‘Zero Point Field’ takes on another name – The Akashic Records (though many different names have been used in the past). The Akashic Records are a subtle medium on which the data and details of past events are written. And this medium permeates everything, so it is accessible anywhere and everywhere. This means that information regarding the Andromeda galaxy is stored in your fingernail but also in your toothbrush and in the Sirius sector as well.

To understand this concept further, look into the idea of quantum bi-location and you’ll see what I mean: the universe has the ability to light up like a Christmas tree in multiple different locations instantaneously. At a surficial glance, this observation apparently violates Einstein’s theory of Relativity in which nothing can exceed the speed of light. However, quantum bi-location is not a signal travelling faster than the speed of light, it is instead the same thing lighting up in two different space-time coordinates at the exact same instant.

This Zero Point field is fluid and ever-changing. As events occur in the realm of space and time, the sub-atomic configuration of the Zero Point or Akashic field changes. Our scientific instruments can measure these changes, but can they really tell us what they mean?

With the relatively limited nature of today’s technology (limited in an objective sense), I think not. Instead, we should turn to the ancient tradition of The Seer peering past the veil into non-ordinary reality in order to access the data stored in the Akashic records. But what makes a ‘Seer’ able to do this? It is an individual with sufficient sensitivity and selectivity – this is a requirement. Sensitivity refers to the degree of resonance required to receive and register a particular signal and selectivity refers to the ability to filter out the surrounding noise in order to clearly perceive the desired signal.

It is important to remember that sensitivity and selectivity are variables. They fluctuate based on a tremendous number of factors both known and unknown. On a practical level, it means that sometimes readings are more accurate than other times. This is natural. This is primarily based on the resonance of the reader with the particular bandwidth of the Akashic field he is attempting to access information from. And this resonance is directly proportional to the reader’s sensitivity and selectivity at the particular time of the reading.

Often readers will describe interfacing with entities during their readings. These entities are responsible for directly accessing the Akashic Records on their behalf and relaying information contained within. Humans are firmly rooted in the material plane and can access almost all of the higher planes in the macrodimensions but that takes a tremendous amount of work. More typically, humans can consciously access data in the material plane and some of the lower reaches of the macrodimensions.

So how does a human access information stored in the Higher reaches of the macrodimensions?

Instead of going through the painstaking effort of developing higher faculties, we can make use of a timeless relationship with our benevolent guides and angelic entities. These entities occupy a higher order of dimensions in the hierarchy of creation. Though we still need a degree of sensitivity and higher faculties to access our guides, we need not bear all of the work alone.

It is favourable for the human practitioner to partner with benevolent guides or angelic presences that reside in the higher dimensions. These entities can easily access data stored on these planes. However, despite their apparent omniscience, these entities are bound by strict higher laws and are limited in their influence of the material plane. They cannot directly shape it like humans can.

Therefore, in working with benevolent guides, a symbiotic relationship is formed between human and guide/angelic entity. Guides can access information in the Akashic records and we can use it to consciously shape the material plane in a way that serves the process of divine evolution.

The Akashic records are often described as being kept in a vault, hall or library. Many readers describe Akashic data as being written into books or onto scrolls. This is not an objective observation, but it’s merely a function of our human association of information and records with books, scrolls and parchment. It is an archetype that is deeply engrained in our subconscious mind. As a result, we tend to project an overlay of a library or hall of records onto the experience of interfacing with the Zero Point Field.

What to expect from an Akashic Reading session

Accessing the Akashic records is a very useful tool for helping us on our spiritual paths. It does not deal directly with matters that are physical, emotional and mental but it deals with the conditions that underlie these levels. In essence, it deals with releasing karmic tendencies, hooks from the bardos and can often provide very informative insight into certain patterns that continuously arise in our life.

It is important to recognize the trickle-down effort that energy takes. Everything that happens to us originates in the plane of causality as determined by our deeper habits and karma residing in their respective planes in the higher dimensions. If we lack the skillful attention to observe these tendencies over time, then they may feel random or unpredictable and we will constantly be at their mercy.

It is our responsibility to train our Attention and observation skills in order to make ourselves aware of our personal deep-seated motivations. That can give us insight into how we operate physically, emotionally and mentally in the lower dimensions.

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