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We have created a special opportunity for the viewers/listeners of that interview.  If you provide us with an email address below we will send you a beautifully-crafted brainwave entrainment soundscape.

Wait... what is this?

It is a 50-minute long ambient music track that contains specialized frequencies and intention to provide deep therapeutic effects and helps to optimally-align the body.

In this soundscape, we use the frequency of the sun (136.1 Hz), which many ancient temple bells were tuned to, along with a beat that moves the brain into deeper states of consciousness and stimulates decalcification in the pineal gland.

It may sound far out, but our listeners have had extremely powerful shifts working with this material.

The intention of this soundscape is to bring you to a place where you meet your own unique spark of deep passion and interconnectedness.  When you align with this frequency and begin to take action from here, you begin to reshape reality in the direction that best suits how your gifts interface with the external reality.

What can you expect from the experience:

  • Attunement of your inner drive to what is needed

  • Deep relaxation, activation and clarity

  • A shift into deeper states of consciousness and exploration of your inner planes

  • Therapeutic benefits such as greater energy, better sleep and better alignment with the current themes in your life.

  • Insights and powerful experiences to help you realize how to direct your life better

This type of therapy is different to meditation, breathwork and transpersonal therapies.  However, it does have the potential to bring about detox symptoms for any deeper issues that may need to come to light.  As a result, it is best to allow your body to rest after a session and to keep hydrated before and after.

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