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Guided Mentorship Program

We want  wholeness, unity and a magnetic ability to embody our hearts desires

but it can be difficult to do it alone and we may feel lost along the way

That's why direct mentorship can help to bring the clarity, direction and energy

required to make the shift you deeply desire

When we change our state of being, our entire lives change!

Many people long to feel fulfilled and live a life of purpose and direction.  Yet, despite their best efforts, they are left feeling  overwhelmed, stressed out, and anxious on a daily basis.

Our modern lifestyle cuts us off from our essence.  The true spiritual potential we possess is left collecting dust.  This leads to a general feeling of uneasiness and a lack of satisfaction with life - despite how many external comforts we may find.

The solution is simple, but not obvious.  I know it can be very confusing to find answers in the face of a 'spirituality industry' that seems to offer countless solutions with big promises.

If you have tried some of these offerings like affirmations, guided meditations, rewiring limiting beliefs, self-help techniques, deep emotional work  and they haven't brought you in alignment - don't worry, you are not alone.  And not by a long shot! 

These 'techniques' can grant us short-term results but they do not address the fundamental issue we face.  


This is issue is our state of BEING.  We are human BEINGS after all and most of the time we get caught up in the HUMAN part.

We can address our physical bodies, our mind, our emotions - but there's something far more important that came before all of these.  

That part of us acts like a memory bank of our spiritual experiences.  It transcends this lifetime and when we align with that force, we move with much greater momentum, purpose and fulfillment in life.  We become superhuman, bound by fewer laws of reality.

It is our calling.  And it is UNIQUELY ours.

When we align with our calling, life becomes simple.  Our actions inspire  others and  our mere presence radiates outwards, improving the world in a way that is far more effective than protest, volunteer work or petitions.

This program focuses on YOU.  I emphasize one-on-one time with me that is tailor-made to meet you where you are at.  Without addressing YOU, I cannot be more specific than that.  However, given my particular style, here are some things that the program will include:

  • 4 hours of one-on-one time that can be split as you like (in 30 minute blocks) to consistently inspire and provide the energetic support to facilitate your growth;

  • Daily energetic and purification support to assist with your alignment through distance energy work;

  • Reflective projects to help you understand your own process better and help you to realize your inner gifts;

  • Exercises and resources to help build your intuition and higher bodies;  

  • Brainwave Entrainment programs developed by me to help rewire your neural network to resonate with your alignment

This program is like no other - as it is uniquely crafted with my particular blend of skills.  Drawing on my background in visual art, music, engineering and physics I have created tangible resources like brainwave entrainment soundscapes and esoteric artwork to help bring the five senses into resonance with the soul's yearnings.  

This way of working allows things to happen faster and with more fun than other methods.  The tuition for this mentorship program is $555 USD and if the words above resonate, please do not hesitate in joining!

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