Mastering the Prosperity Mindset

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David Khan is a facilitator for optimal living, cryptocurrency investing, writer and musician with 18 years of experience helping individual and groups to get aligned!


"David possesses a unique combination of technical skill and depth of knowledge coupled with a deep love of humanity and a vision of a better world - and it is this that sets him apart from the many other courses offered in the crypto space. I never thought I would be as excited about numbers and charts as I am now, and it is all because of David's enthusiasm, vision and support."

- Carla Wainwright, 50, Canada

"David and Vanessa are incredible! We were both amazed at everything we experienced. Things suddenly cleared up.  They gave us so much strength to move on with our paths!" 

- Kai & Silva, 36, Estonia

"The provided materials, so well prepared, are a great toolbox to return to whenever needed. What I've learned will serve as a solid foundation for all future ventures and adventures in alternative finance."

- Andreas Uetz, Switzerland

"However great the course material, for me it is only a small part because when Dave explained his vision when introducing his course… I felt it in every cell. He bridged the gaps I still had towards what new economy and way of living I SO deeply long for. For the first time, I could see it unfold in a practical way. I could actually picture and feel it. Now holding in my hands actual tools to make it happen outside the old system. Making me feeling instantly more powerful and in healthy control."

- Maaike, 44, Belgium

"Dave's presentation was professional in the highest sense of the word. His humor and lightness amidst some of the “thickness” of the material was very much appreciated. I looked forward to the course, and now I am looking forward to pursuing the many avenues that have been provided to enrich my experience of the crypto world."

- Paul Galewitz, BC, Canada.

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Alex Jepson is an entrepreneur and artist, dedicated to living in alignment. Connecting prosperity to a felt sense of freedom, he explores creativity connection with the natural world.

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Prosperity can only be experienced once we have shifted into the right mindset – or frequency.  


It is a feeling that runs through our body and extends into our lives.  


One that defines a very healthy relationship with our resources.

And until that happens…

…Our livelihood will not fully flourish in its greatest form

…the best investment information will only get us REKT!

…the same worries, anxieties and limitations around money will creep up on us and affect our health and relationships.

Society conditions us by a myth called scarcity.  


This is a primary mechanism for dis-empowerment and keeping people compliant and serving someone else’s agenda.


This myth is reinforced generationally through our upbringing and peers.

We tend to believe that the ones who ‘make’ it are either lucky or privileged.  


The truth is that the determining factor in success is neither.

It is completely based on a person’s ability to acquire, hold, and direct resources skillfully.


This skill is an artform that takes on a very personal approach.  


It need not be measured by the QUANTITY of our possessions, but by the QUALITY of our lives.

Anyone has this ability, but they may not know how to flick the switch.  


This is where some internal attunement & development of good habits can be of tremendous benefit.

This workshop explores how we can begin to deeply tune ourselves into the frequency of prosperity and build habits that will help lead us to lasting success. 

This workshop covers:

•     Subconscious programs and how to re-write them
• Easeful abundance and overcoming negative emotions of fear and greed
•   Creating an aim for our financial life, business or investment strategy
•     Super learning in a new paradigm


This workshop has some overlap with the crypto material that we have been exploring recently, however, this is also a standalone program intended to help anyone looking to cultivate greater prosperity in their lives.

Join Dave & Alex in this workshop and as we explore this fascinating theme in a year where economic uncertainty will led to both great challenges and great opportunities



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