Living the Tarot:

Aligning with Intuition

July 11 @ 4 pm London Time

"‘The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself;

everything that you want, you already are’  ~ Rumi

003 tarot medium

Workshop hosted by 

David Khan & Yvonne Power

The ancient secrets of higher wisdom and the knowledge of the intuitive mind were encoded in these cards...

"Dave is very unique being with exceptional talent and many, many tools in his tool belt.  He is open, honest and a genuine good heart and I am so grateful the Universe has brought him into my life."

- Amy, 41, Houston, USA

"Being a complete novice to tarot, Yvonne put me at ease immediately and was kind and compassionate throughout the reading. She provded clarity in the area I needed guidance with and pointed me towards tools and resources which could help on my journey. Her passion for tarot shines through and I highly recommend her."


- Seema, France

"David is incredible! We were both amazed at everything we experienced. Things suddenly cleared up. He gave us so much strength to move on with our paths!" 

- Kai & Silva, 36, Estonia

"I spoke to Yvonne about a very specific moment in my life that I needed clarity on. Yvonne was compassionate and really provided me with an intuitive reading that provided me with the clarity that I had been searching. Yvonne also provided me with other tools that I could use to overcome this specific situation I was going through. I would really recommend Yvonne to anyone!"


- Georgia, Germany

"I have come to David many times in my life for guidance. I always leave our sessions with a better understanding of myself, my problem I am tackling, as well as my place in the greater picture in life. His intuitive approach to the big questions in life are inspirational and help you think outside of the conventional box. David's methods are a sure-fire way for discovering your own potential."

- AJ, 30, Calgary, Canada


This workshop will take place via ZOOM on

July 11th at the following international times:

Pacific US /Can Time - 8:00 am

Mountain US/Can Time - 9:00 am

Central US/Can Time - 10:00 am

Eastern US/Can Time - 11:00 am

London Time - 4:00 pm

Central European Time - 5:00 pm

South Africa Standard Time - 5:00 pm

Jakarta Time - 10:00 pm

Bali/Singapore Time - 11:oo pm

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The Tarot has been used for centuries in the Western World as a divination tool.  Even to this day, it commands reverence and respect.

But why?

Each card of the Tarot is a reminder of the inherent knowledge we already possess.  The timeless symbols and archetypes that speak deeply to our true nature.

When we learn to use the Tarot, it activates our intuition.  Our intuition then is able to penetrate deeper into the mystery of the symbols.

In a complicated world full of opposing information, we need a clear and reliable signal.

We must learn to rely on our intuition and bodily signals.  That is precisely where the Tarot comes in.

Learning to use it sharpens our intuition and aligns us better with following Nature's Laws.  This leads to a more rich, prosperous and fulfilling life.

We use the Tarot everyday and have created this 2-hour workshop to help you:

  • Further develop your intuition for living with more clarity and making better decisions

  • Discuss different tarot decks and demystify how to begin using the Tarot

  • Gain practical clarity in your life by receiving a live reading from a professional Tarot reader

  • Learn how to prepare yourself to read accurately and clearly

  • Learn simple ways to interpret cards intuitively

All of this is intended to help you plug-in and align more easefully, joyfully, and abundantly with the incoming Earth changes by using this ancient tool.


Tarot can be a lot of fun when you get the hang of it.  It is important to learn in a way that is fun, empowering, and from professionals who use it in their daily practice.

This course is aimed at people who are new to Tarot and also those who may be more skilled but looking to enhance their intuition.

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