January Full Moon Alignment

Date: January 28, 2021 @ 3 pm GMT

Uranus x Saturn D.jpg

It's been a 'shocking' year already.  

Many people have been reporting that their comforts and sense of security were dismantled quickly through lightning-quick events early in 2021.  On top of what has already transpired in 2020, this can seem quite disempowering. 


But... this is actually a very good sign :)


The force of Uranus squaring Saturn in the heavens is bringing the lightning-quick revolution needed to collapse old structures that are now obsolete.  This is occurring within and without - in our personal lives and upon the grand planetary stage at this moment.

With every full moon or new moon, there is a potential trigger or activation of the slow building energies between planets like Saturn and Uranus.  That means later this week we may expect more sudden shifts  - both in our personal lives and upon the global stage. 


This is precisely why we are holding this event on this particular day.

It is important that the fast, fracturing and shocking adjustments occur in a way where we can allow ourselves to release the parts the need to go and find the resiliency to adjust as needed to our new internal instructions.

As we go through this planetary initiation, the stakes become higher.  The energy of old structures collapsing often presents itself as the things in our life that are not meant to remain will simply stop working.

This my be relationships or habits or even our physical locations that we may be residing.

As unsettling as rapid unexpected events may be, this whole process is here to guide us to the next octave; the next unprecedented chapter in Human history.

This event will be a way to align harmoniously with your own instructions for recalibration.  It will prime you to soften the blow of any shocks and increase adaptability and versatility for staying honed into that 'internal navigation system' we all possess.

David will open a sacred space using the Akashic Records and him and Vanessa will answer questions, deliver insights and possibly perform some music as well (we have got our previous tech issues sorted :)

As always, we ask for a bit of information so that you can be energetically included in the space.  You may join us live or watch the YouTube link at a later time as it will be taking place very early in North America.

Pacific US /Can Time - 7:00 am

Mountain US/Can Time - 8:00 am

Central US/Can Time - 9:00 am

Eastern US/Can Time - 10:00 am

Central European Time - 4:00 pm

South Africa Standard Time - 5:00 pm

Bali/Singapore Time - 11:00 pm


1. Please consider donating.  This service is given freely to anyone regardless of means.  If you feel resonant with this offering, please consider the gift economy by choosing your own contribution for the event.  Please click the DONATE button below to make an optional contribution of your choosing.

2. Event is now complete.  You may watch the recording here:  https://youtu.be/OejVaL3fYNk