December 21st Timeline Alignment

Date: Dec. 21st, 2020 3:30 - 4:30 pm GMT (+0)

"Last time it was THIS good was the year 1224" - D. Khan


After a year of immense upheaval and challenges, this astrological and energetic event will offer us a very different energy.  The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21st at 0 degrees Aquarius  will finally allow us to reap the future that we have been sowing.  


We've all been preparing for these times for months, years, lifetimes.  The energetic shift occurring on this day will not 'blast us off into ascension' as some speculate.  Instead, it will honor the work we have done (many times on pure trust alone) and bestow upon us a sense of knowing that our source-connection takes care of us, despite what happens externally.


The intention of this event is to create a group space where we can attune to and realize the higher frequencies and aspects of our being that have always been there.  Perhaps we did not notice them before.  But today is an extremely rare occurrence where the veil is so thin that we will finally be able to 'see' the things that were previously occluded.


By attuning to the energies present during the conjunction, we will invoke a graceful integration of our own higher frequencies into our physical reality while dismantling remnants of old patterning that may still remain.


David and Vanessa will use the Akashic Records to invoke a space for higher dimensional influences available at this time.  These influences will support you by going to the areas of highest need on a completely individual basis.

This space is open to those who are new to this type of work and also to those who have joined for our previous group sessions.  

Please provide a little bit of information below so we can energetic include you in the space.  You may join us live or watch the YouTube link at a later time.

Pacific US /Can Time - 5:30 am

Mountain US/Can Time - 6:30 am

Central US/Can Time - 7:30 am

Eastern US/Can Time - 8:30 am

Central European Time - 2:30 pm

South Africa Standard Time - 3:30 pm

Bali Time - 9:30 pm


1. Please consider donating.  This service is given freely to anyone regardless of means.  If you feel resonant with our work and are able to contribute in return from your own source connection that would be greatly appreciated!  Please click the button below.