Discovering DeFi: A New Financial Landscape

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David Khan is a facilitator for optimal living, cryptocurrency investing, writer and musician with 18 years of experience helping individual and groups to get aligned!


"David possesses a unique combination of technical skill and depth of knowledge coupled with a deep love of humanity and a vision of a better world - and it is this that sets him apart from the many other courses offered in the crypto space. I never thought I would be as excited about numbers and charts as I am now, and it is all because of David's enthusiasm, vision and support."

- Carla Wainwright, 50, Canada

"David and Vanessa are incredible! We were both amazed at everything we experienced. Things suddenly cleared up.  They gave us so much strength to move on with our paths!" 

- Kai & Silva, 36, Estonia

"The provided materials, so well prepared, are a great toolbox to return to whenever needed. What I've learned will serve as a solid foundation for all future ventures and adventures in alternative finance."

- Andreas Uetz, Switzerland

"However great the course material, for me it is only a small part because when Dave explained his vision when introducing his course… I felt it in every cell. He bridged the gaps I still had towards what new economy and way of living I SO deeply long for. For the first time, I could see it unfold in a practical way. I could actually picture and feel it. Now holding in my hands actual tools to make it happen outside the old system. Making me feeling instantly more powerful and in healthy control."

- Maaike, 44, Belgium

"Dave's presentation was professional in the highest sense of the word. His humor and lightness amidst some of the “thickness” of the material was very much appreciated. I looked forward to the course, and now I am looking forward to pursuing the many avenues that have been provided to enrich my experience of the crypto world."

- Paul Galewitz, BC, Canada.


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There is a major shift in the financial system underfoot.


This brings both challenge and opportunity hand-in-hand.

Many are already finding that their savings and salary afford them less.  This will not be changing anytime soon.  This is the challenging part as governments and corporations squeeze harder and harder so that the masses will capitulate in accepting central bank digital currencies.

If this is successful, this will be the ultimate dystopian control system to snuff out non-compliance and free-speech advocates.

On the other hand, the opportunity is immense.  I’m talking about the largest transfer of wealth in human history.

Institutions were late to the game in cryptocurrency.


As a result, they are trying their best to liquidate the everyday investor of their assets to make up for lost time.

But those who understand how to play the game, will not be shaken.  Those who have the maps and knowledge to navigate the decentralized crypto landscape will find abundance and economic sovereignty.  

Just like with any landscape, you need to know where to go and where to avoid.  There are plenty of scams and poorly-thought out projects that will simply take your money and crumble.

And then there are the blue-chip investments that will stand despite any market shake-up.  Many of them STAND for free speech.  They SUPPORT privacy and economic sovereignty.

“Become your own bank” is the best way to avoid not just getting caught in the digital currency prison, but thriving financially and setting yourself free of economic hardships.

In this 2-hour workshop we specifically focus on how to navigate decentralized finance.  We skip past the charting and all the complex, played-out aspects of centralized cryptocurrency and instead dive into the heart of DeFi.  

The institutions have not breached this inner sanctum where we have the opportunity to earn incredible passive income, keep our anonymity and be part of a community of people who stand for an economically-free world.

This workshop covers:

⚬  What DeFi is,  and what opportunities it holds
⚬ Challenges and opportunities of being early to the game
⚬ Safety, security, and scams – how to become more discerning
⚬  The art of bridging (moving between networks)
⚬ Research of which coins/ecosystems will thrive in 2022


Making money with crypto has become harder since even a year ago.  The days of throwing money around and earning huge gains is over.  

The opportunities are still there, but they will only be found by those who know where to look.

So join Dave in this workshop and be part of a movement of sovereign, high-frequency people that are educated on navigating DeFi the right way.

***This workshop is for beginners and experienced crypto users alike***



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