David Khan – Divining your Purpose and Aligning with It!

David holds a deep and profound vision of humanity's potential.  We sit at the cusp of an era that will be defined by powerful transformation and he is committed to his role in helping to bring forth greater clarity and higher consciousness in the evolving metamorphosis of the planet. 


In surrendering to the process of divine evolution he has found his calling in service to others.  He has studied history from a spiritual perspective to gain a firm grasp on the ailments that affect people on a deep and fundamental level.  In his research, he has come to realize that the unfolding of creation follows certain laws and that our origin and future can be found through working with these laws.  Throughout his life, he endured powerful initiatory experiences that  made him realize his own spiritual legacy and enabled him to help others to realize their own potential.  


David has spent over 15 years training intensely with teachers in Tantra, Alchemy, Mystery Schools and traditional Shamanism.  In addition, he has worked internationally and professionally as a touring/recording musician and an environmental consultant and really understand the balance between spiritual pursuits and harmonizing those with a presence in the physical world.

In recent years, he has begun leading groups that deal with cultivating an authentic spiritual practice.  He works both one-on-one with clients and publishing material for those interested in finding their true purpose.  

He has carefully cultivated a strong sense of modalities that work well together and fluidly weaves them into his own unique way of working.  In drawing upon detailed natal astrology, numerology, tarot and combining them with the psychic-intuitive insights gleaned from the Akashic field, David has created a powerful method of divining life purpose for his clients.  

As of today, David has worked internationally with clients in Australia, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, the US, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, the Netherlands, the UK, India and Indonesia and helped them to find clarity and healing with their spiritual Issues.

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