David Khan 


David holds a positive vision of humanity's evolved potential that we are collectively realizing in the early days of the 21st century.  We sit at the cusp of an era undergoing an unprecedented transformation and David is committed to helping bring forth greater clarity and higher consciousness during this transitional times.

Since his earliest memories, David has carried  instructions for creating a more advanced and equitable society based on aligning with the principles of how nature truly works - both physically and multidimensionally.  

As a child he would build intricate communities out of lego and create digital worlds using software engines.  These were the early prototypes for what began to seem possible only in the last few years as we have collectively begun to do our inner work

In his early 20's, David studied the works of crazy wisdom teachers and came to realize that there is 'spirituality' and then there is the complete human experience.  Spirituality keeps us on a perpetual hamster wheels of trying, but never, attaining something.  The complete human experience is when we realize that we are already that which we seek - we merely have to shift our perception from the conditioned, negative patterning and into the limitless spark of pure love, which is our essence. 

David has spent over 17 years training intensely with teachers in Tantra, Alchemy, Mystery Schools and traditional Shamanism.  In addition, he has worked internationally and professionally as a touring/recording musician and an environmental consultant.  He has come to realize that both the pragmatic and the subtle are important as the only way to experience the fullness of life is to completely embody the richness of all sensations - both dense and light.

He has carefully cultivated a strong sense of modalities that work well together and fluidly weaves them into his own unique way of working.  In drawing upon astrology, numerology, tarot and combining them with the psychic-intuitive insights gleaned from the Akashic field, David has created a powerful method of divining life direction and clearing long-standing negative patterns for his clients.  It is a type of technology that has only arisen in the past few years as the planet has shifted to accommodate this way of working

In addition to one-on-one work, David teaches students how to read the Akashic field, produces music inspired by higher dimensional forces to shift consciousness, runs a podcast and has written several books and guides on living an embodied and aligned life according to the emerging human paradigm.

As of today, David has worked internationally with clients in Australia, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, the US, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, the Netherlands, the UK, India and Indonesia and helped them to find clarity on life issues, activate their self-healing capabilities and empower their inner magician to align with their deepest life passions.