Activating your Passions As Aligned Business

May 22nd @ 3 pm London Time

Do you wish your deepest passions could lead to a fulfilling & thriving business?

Did you know creating wealth can be liberating, empowering and transformative?

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David Khan is a facilitator for optimal living, writer and musician with 18 years of experience helping individual and groups to get aligned!


"Dave is very unique being with exceptional talent and many, many tools in his tool belt.  He is open, honest and a genuine good heart and I am so grateful the Universe has brought him into my life."

- Amy, 41, Houston, USA

"Working with Dave is a real enrichment in my life. With him I can discover the depths that I felt before but could never reach and understand myself. He helps me understand myself and my mission and vision better and creates a safe space.  What I like about his work is that he responds to me and my needs and I just really like that individuality.

- Arabella, 29, Berlin, Germany

"David is incredible! We were both amazed at everything we experienced. Things suddenly cleared up. He gave us so much strength to move on with our paths!" 

- Kai & Silva, 36, Estonia

"My sessions with Dave are always profound. I never know what to expect going in (or which of his many tools and gifts he is going to use in any given session!), yet I always come out feeling like major shifts have been ignited."

- Aniko, 31, Brooklyn, USA

"I have come to David many times in my life for guidance. I always leave our sessions with a better understanding of myself, my problem I am tackling, as well as my place in the greater picture in life. His intuitive approach to the big questions in life are inspirational and help you think outside of the conventional box. David's methods are a sure-fire way for discovering your own potential."

- AJ, 30, Calgary, Canada

"Dave has a talent for meeting his clients where they are at, working with their inner landscape and supporting them in whatever it is they are working on at a soul level. He has a myriad of tools he uses to get his clients out of their minds and in full resonance with their bodies and their purpose. Working with Dave has allowed me to release deep seated blocks, gain new skills to aid me on my journey, learn new self healing modalities and so much support.

- Kelsey, 29, New Hampshire, USA


This workshop will take place via ZOOM on

May 22nd at the following international times:

Pacific US /Can Time - 7:00 am

Mountain US/Can Time - 8:00 am

Central US/Can Time - 9:00 am

Eastern US/Can Time - 10:00 am

London Time - 3:00 pm

Central European Time - 4:00 pm

South Africa Standard Time - 4:00 pm

Jakarta Time - 9:00 pm

Bali/Singapore Time - 10:oo pm

To check the timezone for your specific location, please click this link HERE

Don't listen to anyone else... Except for those who guide you to become more of yourself!

The world is going through a MASSIVE shift right now and many of us are feeling called to do something about it.

The answer is actually simple: be more of yourself, follow your deepest passions and allow that to support your livelihood and bring you the resources you need to thrive in your own specific way.

Supporting your deepest passions are how you bring more love into the world to help heal, harmonize and build the new paradigm!

We have all seen ads for copy/paste techniques that claim to bring lots of sales; strategies that 'successful' people use; and plenty of ideas that seem techie and confusing.

But none of these actually considers YOU.  And they certainly don't consider the laws of nature that  govern true abundance.

This workshop is all about connecting with your deepest passions, discovering ways to be supported in those passions and conduct your business in a way that feels perfectly aligned with who you are, how you work with others, and how that helps the world!

In this 2-hour workshop we will cover:

  • Finding your highest aim in life and business

  • Learning to conduct business in alignment with nature and deep care

  • Removing mental and physical tension for increased focus and clarity

  • How to brand yourself authentically and communicate to the people who need your offering the most

  • Overcoming blocks/obstacles to receiving abundance and putting yourself out there

  • Finding ways to grow your business that enlivens you and avoids depleting your energy 

The point of all of this is to use your livelihood as a way to embody your passions, transform yourself and build community in a way that is deeply meaningful.  

This workshop is aimed towards:

  • People who want to leave their job but don't know what else to do

  • People who are just starting a business and want clear, empowering and effective guidance

  • People who have an existing business and want to breathe life and expansiveness into it

The results of this work have already transformed and helped many of my clients to align with life and find new passion and energy not just in business but in everything they do.  

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1. This service is given freely to anyone regardless of means.  If you feel resonant with this offering, please consider the gift economy by choosing your own contribution for the event.  Click the DONATE button/link below (suggested donation of $40 USD)

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