Aquarius X - Frequency Attunement Live Session

Date: February 10, 2021 @ 7 pm GMT


"Sound is the Medicine of the Future"


Aquarius is all about innovation.  As we can all see, great change is upon us collectively speaking.  Does it not make sense that there should be some type of way of harmonizing our mental, emotional and physical biorhythms to optimally align with these changes? 

Absolutely.  This is what the nature of the Astral Lounge is all about!

This is a completely new and innovative type of experience where astrological events are linked with a transmission of sound, music and frequencies.   This transmission attunes the brain, emotions and electrical system of the participants to harmonize optimally with the conditions occurring in the collective.  It very much captures the innovation and technological advances associated with the sign (and the age) of Aquarius and provides a simple, effective and revolutionary new paradigm for well-being.

On February 10th, 2021 we will have 6 planets in the sign of Aquarius.  3 planets is enough to be a stellium, 6 planets is a double stellium - or what is technically known as a 'pile up' :)

  These energies can be very imbalanced if we do not harness them properly.  But we can also use their specific attributes to facilitate powerful change in our personal lives.

Aquarius IS a futurist where the rarefied 'spiritual frequencies' of our existence meet positive technological innovative and it works through the medium of electricity.  That is why we have crafted a specific type of experience that works on the body's electrical system, neurological functions and emotions to stimulate an upgrade.

During the event we will explain more about how this all works.  It combines mathematical correlations between astronomy, human brainwaves with the power of sound and music to potentially create profound shifts in consciousness.  

What can you expect from the experience:

  • Attunement of the brain and emotions to the Earth's natural magnetic field 

  • Deep relaxation, activation and clarity

  • A shift into deeper states of consciousness

  • Therapeutic benefits such as greater energy, better sleep and better alignment with the current themes in your life.

  • Rebalancing of the body's electrical system, reproductive organs and endocrine system

This type of therapy is different to meditation, breathwork and transpersonal therapies.  However, it does have the potential to bring about detox symptoms for any deeper issues that may need to come to light.  As a result, it is best to allow your body to rest after a session and to keep hydrated before and after.

This event will be livestreamed and include the following structure:

  • A brief discussion beforehand on how it all works

  • A 45-minute neural frequency attuned sound healing set using brainwave entrainment and music tuned to the frequency of Aquarius (via the planet Uranus)

  • A ZOOM session afterwards for anyone to join for aftercare and sharing

  • You may watch the event live (recommended) or sign up and watch later at a time that is convenient for you (no post-session ZOOM for re-watchers)

Given the nature of frequency-based therapies such as this, there are some preparations that we recommend and will be explained in the email you receive after registering.  Please be sure to also read the disclaimer if you have any health conditions to ensure that you are staying safe.

We are here to facilitate an incredibly transformative experience that can have long lasting benefits by working on the layers of our beings that are responsible for good health.  As stated above, Vanessa and I strongly believe that "Sound is the medicine of the future" and we have been crafting this offering and refining it for a powerful debut on February 10th.

We very much look forward to having you in the space and by registering below, we will be able to take your questions/situation into consideration to best tailor the experience to meet the needs of those who participate.

The same link you receive upon registration can be used for the replay.  However, we highly recommend joining the live event for maximum benefit.  The times for the event are as follows:

Pacific US /Can Time - 11:00 am

Mountain US/Can Time - 12:00 pm

Central US/Can Time - 1:00 pm

Eastern US/Can Time - 2:00 pm

London Time - 7:00 pm

Central European Time - 8:00 pm

South Africa Standard Time - 9:00 pm


1. Please consider donating.  This service is given freely to anyone regardless of means.  If you feel resonant with this offering, please consider the gift economy by choosing your own contribution for the event.  Please click the DONATE button below to make an optional contribution of your choosing.

2. The event is now over and registration is closed.  However, you can re-watch the livestream by CLICKING HERE.