Music Albums

These are not so much songs as they are living resonances of other dimensions. These albums invite you to sit and listen to soak up all that you can. I cannot say what it will do exactly, but the intention  is to bring the higher frequencies of the listener's being into deeper embodiment. 


The intention here was to create 'objective' music. Unlike the subjective music we hear on the radio, objective music creates a shift of consciousness and feeds the subtle layers of our being.


For years my friends have been asking me to do a solo guitar album but I never felt I was ready. This kind of word was too intimate and special so I needed to make sure I gave it the right quality of attention.

The lockdown of 2020 gave me plenty of time for introspection. Not only that but I began experimenting tuning my guitar to the resonance of planetary cycles and using sacred space to channel various forces.


The sounds here are ancient and have influences from the near-east, Celtic mythology and nature herself.

I cannot name a price for the album. In my opinion, it is priceless. That's why I give it freely. All I ask is that you consider giving back and reciprocating the gesture by choosing an amount that you feel is worthy to you.


Blade & Chalice EP

This album is an intimate acoustic set imagined by David Khan. It conjures up the mood of illumination, realized by a medieval alchemist who felt fondly about his beloved tower cat.

It contains his musings and moods set to beautiful acoustic and clean electric guitar.

Female vocals were provided by the lovely and enchanting Vanessa Holliday.