Introduction to the Akashic Records 

Guided Isochronic Tracks

Want to get in the exact state of consciousness for accessing the Akashic Records?

Did you know frequency can energize your life force body for the Akashic Records?

Would you like a guided track to prepare and open your Akashic Records?

Now you can experience higher states of awareness, increased life force energy and a guided experience that takes you through the prepatory steps and enter your Akashic Room to meet your guides.

Everything in this session works to reinforce the exact state your physical, etheric and astral bodies NEED to access the Akashic Records and raise your vibration in the process.

All you need are HEADPHONES and a quiet space - this innovative techno-shamanic induction does the rest!

I've used my 20 years of research into sound, frequency and meditation to develop a session that is completely unprecedented. It will help get you right into the perfect state for the Akashic Records - cutting through distracted throughts and enhancing your inherent clair abilities!

It works on three levels of the being to align the physical, etheric and astral bodies for perfect synchronization with the Akashic Records!

How is this possible?

It's easy. 

I've researched neurology to find out which brainwave states are conducive to relaxation, grounding and astral travel so that the brain send neuropeptides (its messengers) throughout the nervous system to release the body so that it is free to experience the states we need for mystical work. 

This is called brainwave entrainment and I use the most tested and effective method, isochronic tones, to get your brain and physical body sync'd for higher dimensional work.

But that's not all...

Layered on top are beautiful pads and monochord tuned to the frequency of Neptune - the god of the dreamworld and transcendence to align your etheric body with the cosmic life force energy best suited for higher dimensional voyaging.

And then there's more!

I use my voice invocationally to guide the entire experience.  A 37-minute long and a 60-minute long induction that takes you through:

  • Self-Remembering to build your life force energy

  • Grounding to bring you into harmony, balance and cultivate protection

  • Clearing to uplift your emotions and release stuck energy 

  • Invocations for entering into your Akashic room and

  • Connecting with your personal guides.

No other guided system for the Akashic Records combines all three into one complete package.  This is the EVOLUTION of guided meditations and because you've taken my course, you will receive a very special price of $14 (normally, this retails for $50).

The package below contains three variations of the Akashic Session: a 37-minute long guided induction, a 1-hour guided induction and a 1-hour track without guidance so you can define your own voyage!

Click the link below to receive your guided Akashic Isochronic Sessions along with a brief set of instructions on how to create the most harmonious space for the experience!

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