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There lies a source of interconnected, limitless potential within each and every person.  But rarely is it realized and embodied due to the long history of conditioning that stems from millennia of abuse by planetary control structures.     

This conditioning has led humans to believe that we are impure, ill-hearted, greedy and in need of external salvation.   And this paradigm has progressively shut down our bodies, contracting us into the recesses of our personality where we form a complex, yet false, identity that operates out of a mere sliver of reality.  This is useful for asserting dominance over others, but heartbreakingly tragic for the billions who experience the suffering it causes everyday.  Not to mention the toll it has taken on our planet when we fall out of rhythm with the biosphere.

The idea that we are flawed is simply not true.  My work is an invitation to remind you of this.  I address the elephant in the room - that there are forces amongst our planetary control structures that cause and have caused harm.  These systems have embedded negative patterning within our physical bodies.  These patterns are reinforced via families, environments and almost every facet of society - from economies to education.

These negative patterns are foreign to nature and run counter to her inclusive web of interconnectedness.  When we align with the multidimensional ebb, flow and rhythm of nature, we dismantle the false identity and begin to increasingly embody our native identity - one of immense potential, passion and love.

In doing this, we notice how life simplifies.


We stop worrying about finding our purpose or reaching enlightenment.  That's because the breadth of our experience becomes much richer and radiates out into better relationships, self-realization and true prosperity.  The Blade and Chalice is the ancient symbol that depicts the harmonization of our native essence with the full embodiment of our human form.  This is the optimal state we seek through chasing spirituality but never seem to find.

This is what I've arrived at after spending over 17 years of experiential research into the true nature of reality.  My offering is simple - I drop everything and become a mirror for you.  I help remind you to stoke that infinite spark of potential while shedding the negative patterns that keep your identity rooted in limitation and unnecessary suffering.  

This work isn't just spiritual.  It involves aligning every layer of our multidimensional existence from the ground up so that we can embody the fullness of our potential and work together to build an incredible future together.  It also happens to make many of the old approaches obsolete - why lobby for the horse-and-cart at a car convention?


My offerings are as aligned with nature as possible at this time.  Just as nature bears her fruit freely, I present many of my offerings freely - though at this point some still have a fixed price.  If you free compelled to respond in kind from your source connection, you are encouraged to provide a donation. 

Below (and along the top bar) you will find links to more information on what I do.  I do work with individuals and groups but I also produce an immense amount of multimedia content that carries the correct frequency for reminding you of how to reclaim your inner gold through books, short guides, podcasts, YouTube videos, music and even powerful consciousness-shifting technology all available online! 

My Work Includes...

Together Enlivening Truth

Sessions are available either in person or via remote connection (Skype/Zoom Media)