"Know Thyself and you will know the universe and the gods" was the famous, elegant teaching inscribed upon the Oracle of Delphi.  There is a beauty in this statement's simplicity and it strongly implies that the fundamental secret to life is simply dormant within us.

During uncertain and difficult times, the only way to move forward in a prosperous and meaningful way is to cut through the lower feelings of zealousness, outrage, intolerance and fear by remaining aligned with our inner wisdom.  However, this alignment can only be found by knowing ourselves first and that is an initiatory process.  

That is exactly what my work and resources are here to help you do.


In knowing ourselves, we also notice how our life takes on purpose and brings us fulfillment and a sense of prosperity which transcends material forms.  Our relationships deepen and improve, our patience develops and the breadth of experience becomes much richer.  The Blade and Chalice is the ancient symbol that depicts the harmonization of our soul's essence with our human form to unlock our truest potential. 

Darkness and light form a paradox that when moved through consciously are reconciled into the sole resonance of one's own individual purpose; their rightful place in the great process of divine evolution.  The more conscious and aligned we become with our purpose, the closer we find ourselves to the center of the evolutionary wheel - which is indeed our rightful place in the cosmic hierarchy.

My work is based on over 15 years of experiential research into the true nature of reality.  My offering is simple - I draw upon systems of esoteric knowledge and psychic-intuitive insights to help divine your purpose for this lifetime and how best you can align with it.

This work isn't just lofty spiritual concepts, it involves aligning every layer from the ground up as that is the only way for actual transformation to take place. 

Along with that, I've drawn upon my skills in musicianship, art, writing and animation to create  resources to help facilitate the unfolding of this process.  

This process of awakening to deeper and deeper layers of your soul's true desire involves remembering your mission of why you are here.  This mission in its essential state serves the greater planetary evolution while giving us the greatest form of internal satisfaction.

To begin this exploration of purpose and inner knowing, please see the link to my offerings below.

Areas covered include:



Coaching and Guidance


Soul and Personal Power Retrieval

Spiritual Path &

Purpose in Life


"Divining your Life Purpose and Aligning with It"

Sessions are available either in person or via remote connection (Skype/Zoom Media)

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